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Overwatch player blows minds with insane custom LEGO figures

Published: 19/Oct/2019 23:53 Updated: 20/Oct/2019 1:22

by Brent Koepp


A creative Overwatch fan showed off their custom LEGO set for the hero-based shooter, and impressed the community with the insane quality of them. 

Blizzard officially announced a partnership with toy maker LEGO during Blizzcon 2018, and the collaboration saw our favorite heroes being shrunk down into the iconic bite size block figures that have since become a staple in every childhood. 

However, one player took to Reddit to show off their own custom set of toys that they actually started making before the announcement, and the quality is so good that it has some wishing theirs were officially released as well.

Blizzard Entertainment / LEGOBlizzard partnered with LEGO to release an in-game skin for Bastion.

Reddit user ‘Everchange’ posted their creation to the Overwatch subreddit, and explained, “As a big fan of Lego and Overwatch, I wanted to try my hand at creating some of the characters in Lego form.”

The talented fan included a gallery of pictures showing off the custom figures, which include favorites such as Moira, Tracer, and Soldier: 76. However, even more impressive is that they managed to re-create alternative costumes for some, such as Mercy’s legendary Combat Medic Ziegler.

Reddit: Everchange / Imgur: everchangeThe dedicated fan made the Brigitte into LEGO form, and put great detail into her mace.

The details on the figurines is crazy, and a highlight includes the cloth used for capes such as Reaper’s Legendary Mariachi skin, which has become a fan favorite of the undead mercenary. He went the extra mile to make Ana’s cape double-layered.

The dedicated player’s attention to detail was also on display when he recreated Moira in LEGO form, and even included the tubes that run to her canister on her back, and represented her positive and negative energy in each hand.

Reddit: Everchange / Imgur: everchangeThe talented player re-created Moira in the LEGO format, even including the tubes to her canister.

Everchange explained on Reddit that they had been making custom LEGO figures for years, and after becoming a big fan of Overwatch, decided to take a shot at converting some of the toys into the legendary heroes from the Blizzard shooter.

“Over the past few years, I’ve been fiddling around a LOT with my Lego pieces to create custom minifigures,” they said. “As a huge fan of Overwatch, I naturally had to try to recreate some of the characters.”

My custom Lego Overwatch characters

Overwatch released almost four years ago in 2016, and went on to be a phenomenon as it continues to be one of the most popular online shooters in 2019. Rumors swirling around suggest that Blizzard could announce Overwatch 2 at Blizzcon 2019, which runs from November 1 to 2. 

Only time will tell if the game will get a major overhaul, but regardless the team-based FPS has amassed a loyal following, that uses its creativity to make incredible things dedicated to the shooter, like this custom LEGO set.


Overwatch reveals drop rates for loot box items and skins

Published: 27/Nov/2020 23:45

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch has finally revealed the official drop rates for loot box items such as skins and sprays within the in-game client.

Players logging in can now check out the exact rates for standard loot box items in a special page in the home screen menu. The page provides a lot of details for those trying to complete their cosmetic collections.

Some of the information is already pretty standard, with each loot box containing either four items or three items with credits. However, each loot box includes at least one item of rare or higher quality.

The description goes on to further state that, on average, an epic quality item will be found in one out of every 5.5 loot boxes and legendary items found in every 13.5.

Oni Genji Overwatch skin
Legendary Overwatch skins are the rarest.

Furthermore, they list common items as having a 99% drop rate, rare at 94%, epic with 18.5% and legendary a mere 7.5%.

These rates only apply for standard loot boxes, however, and not seasonal loot boxes such as the upcoming Winter Wonderland, Archive or Anniversary events.

Amusingly, the page also states that items obtained through loot boxes will not give any additional advantage while playing the game.

Overwatch loot box drop rates
Blizzard revealed the loot box drop rates.

While, for the most part this is true, some players have discovered some slight advantages of using, for example, barefoot D.Va or Pharah skins to mask their footsteps.

That said, aside from these rather niche instances, Overwatch has been good at completely avoiding pay-to-win components that have plagued other games.

Loot boxes have long been under fire from both politicians and players who view the practice as a form of gambling.

Sombra fires Machine Pistol
Many players and politicians took aim at loot boxes.

In 2017, China forced Blizzard to reveal the exact drop rates for games such as Overwatch and Hearthstone.

Elsewhere, in the United States, Republican Senator Josh Hawley proposed the “Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act” which took aim at loot boxes and other pay-to-win practices.

However, to combat this, several companies including Activision Blizzard agreed to disclose drop rates for their titles.

At least now Overwatch players can sleep easy knowing exactly what their odds are for unlocking certain skins.