Overwatch: Mercy gets a Honeydew makeover with this sweet skin

Bill Cooney

Mei’s Honeydew skin was one of the most popular skins for Overwatch’s Anniversary event, and now it’s inspired another crossover skin design, this time for Mercy.

The original Honeydew skin was released for Overwatch’s 2019 Anniversary event, and soon became a hit among Mei mains and other players.

Soon after it was released, creative Overwatch fans began putting the skin on other heroes, which is hilarious, and in the case of AndrewJRT’s Torbjörn, deeply disturbing at the same time.

Mercy gets the Honeydew treatment

Even though AndrewJRT’s Torb has what many consider the best possible Honeydew skin there is, artist and Overwatch fan lionelthelion decided to see what Mercy would look like in the getup.

Mercy definitely pulls off the smoothie shop employee look in this skin, but it doesn’t have the same shock factor of Honeydew Torb – not like that’s a bad thing, though.

@mnminxx/TwitterHoneydew isn’t the only Torbjörn in this picture.

Besides being the first Overwatch skin that would give Mercy glasses (if it were real), her wings are also green and white, to go along with the outfit.

Even though we will probably never see a Honeydew Mercy or Torbjorn, at least we have these brilliant creations to remind us how hilarious it could be.

lionelthelionHave you ever seen Mercy wear glasses? Neither have we.

Even more Overwatch crossover skins

lionelthelion has also blessed the Overwatch faithful with a look at what Reaper would look like in Mercy’s Pink outfit, released in 2018 to raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

It’s hard to decide if Pink Reaper is one of the best skins ever, or something that should have never been brought into existence. But 

lionelthelionLike him or not, Pink Reaper is here to stay.

There’s still roughly a month left until we get close to the start of the Overwatch Halloween event and more new skins – until then though, who knows what other fantastic fan creations we’ll see next.

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