Overwatch could come to the Nintendo Switch sooner than you think

Wario64 / Twitter

According to leakers, a new Nintendo Direct might be coming as soon as next week and could have some big news in store for Overwatch fans.

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Nintendo Directs are usually when the publisher announces big changes, updates or new content for its games and platforms.

Now, a new rumor alluded to by well-known Nintendo leakers Emily Rogers and Sabi on August 30, claims that a Direct could happen next week, if the leaks are to be believed.

“Hmm, Emily Rogers saying direct is next week. Could it be…?” Sabi wrote on Twitter, setting off another firestorm of speculation. 

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Overwatch for Switch confirmed?

One of the biggest rumors floating around the Nintendo and Overwatch communities lately is the possibility of Overwatch being ported to the Nintendo Switch.

Blizzard has worked with Nintendo to bring Diablo to the system, and an Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch case was briefly listed on Amazon last week only increased the speculation.

AmazonThe Overwatch Switch case, before it was removed from Amazon.
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Having an Overwatch-themed case for a system that you can’t even play the game on doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, so the case leak has become the most convincing piece of evidence that Overwatch will eventually be headed to Switch.

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Nintendo and Blizzard have a history of working together (remember StarCraft for the Nintendo 64?) so releasing Overwatch on Switch would make a a lot of sense, and finally make the “Mobile Overwatch” meme a reality.

BlizzardYou could soon be playing Tracer on the go, if the rumors are true.
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What about an Overwatch character in Smash?

Another rumor that has resurfaced along with the Switch speculation is the possibility of an Overwatch character coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Rumors started on 4chan (which should be taken with a grain of salt) have teased a new female character with a “mecha” coming to Smash, but haven’t gotten any more specific than that.

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The “leaks” from 4chan about a new character coming to Smash soon.
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Whether or not Overwatch is coming to Switch, an Overwatch character is headed to Smash, or if there will be a Nintendo Direct next week at all is unknown, but all the evidence seems to point to something coming soon.