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Overwatch Avengers crossover skins is the best concept yet

Published: 13/Oct/2019 11:22 Updated: 4/May/2020 15:41

by Connor Bennett


One Overwatch fan has come up with a stunning crossover idea that would merge the popular multiplayer title with Marvel’s Avengers.

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Ever since the game released back in May 2016, fans have been hard at work trying to get their own ideas – be they skins, game types, or other wacky plans – into Overwatch.

They were certainly helped by the developers with the introduction of the Workshop, which allowed their imaginations to run free with better game modes, new characters, and new maps. Outside of that, though, skin concepts are still one of the most popular things in town – and fans are always looking to create new looks for some of their favorite heroes.


[ad name=”article2″]BlizzardOverwatch heroes like Tracer were given an Avenger makeover in the new concept.

The latest skin concept comes from Reddit user DevyGone, who had the bright idea to merge Overwatch with the iconic Marvel’s Avengers franchise. In their idea, which was posted to their Deviant Art page, DevyGone gave a number of fan-favorite heroes a brand-new skin that placed them right in the boots of the superhero crew.

Brigette took on the form of Captain America, Zenyatta aptly became Doctor Strange, Wrecking Ball broke out of his ball to become Rocket Raccoon, and Torbjörn was able to wield Mjolnir while completing a Nordic crossover with Thor.


DeviantArt: DevyGoneA full look at DevyGone’s Overwatch x Avengers crossover.[ad name=”article3″]

While DevyGone played down the quality of their concept, claiming it wasn’t quite as some that had come before it, that didn’t stop members of the Overwatch community showering praise upon them.

“My god I never realized how bad I wanted a Wasp mercy skin until now. Good work!” commented DashingMustashing. Another, Mightybear7_, added: “These are really cool ideas and good work!”

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Sadly, though, for many overwatch fans, this is a crossover that likely only ever exist as a fan idea or concept considering the Avenger’s series concluded with Endgame.


Marvel has, in fact, done crossovers with games like Fortnite in the past, but never offered up any of the hugely popular skins like Iron Man, Spider-Man, or Captain Marvel, so it would be difficult to see them changing their stance anytime soon.