Overwatch 2 players discover crazy Sombra & Ramattra trick involving a basketball

A basketball in Overwatch 2Blizzard

Overwatch 2 players have discovered a crazy new Sombra and Ramattra roll-out, one that involves a flying basketball.

Roll-outs in Overwatch are one of the most important concepts for newer players to learn. Roll-outs are the method in which your team exits the spawn as fast as possible to ensure first control of the point in Control and Push maps.

And we see many players using an abundance of tricks to get to the point first. From Lucio wallrides, Doomfist jumping around, and of course, the ever-reliable Symmetra teleporter before swapping to a different hero. All kinds of strategies have come and gone over the years. 

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However, did you know you can attach a Sombra teleporter on a basketball in spawn, launch it halfway across the map, and get to the point well before anybody? Well, it turns out you can do just that.

This new trick is what a player on the Overwatch subreddit just showed off in a new post. Abusing the physics of basketballs, which happen to sit in every single spawn room in Control maps, the player revealed how you can launch the ball far into a map with Rammatra’s primary fire, all with a TP attached to it. 

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But this is not the first basketball-related shenanigan that Overwatch has seen. This roll-out was a thing before Overwatch 2, however instead of a Ramattra it was a Mei because the knockback on her secondary fire was ideal at the time.

But it was never patched, most likely because of how niche a strat it was, and how much effort it took into exploiting the basketball’s physics. 

Even then, basketball has had non-roll-out-related exploits done with it. During the early days of Symmetra’s kit, it was possible to place all your turrets on a basketball and use her primary fire (which could pick up the ball for some reason) and kill everyone within its radius. 

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Dubbed the “death ball”, this was during the time when Overwatch allowed duplicate heroes to be played, meaning you could stack nine turrets onto a few balls and see enemies be obliterated within seconds. 

This was also never patched, considering how much effort it takes to abuse it. As a result, it is also doubtful that the Sombra and Ramattra tech will be patched out here in Overwatch 2.

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