Lucio pro sets wild new Overwatch record for environmental kills on Lijiang Tower

Lucio Lijiang Tower Overwatch recordBlizzard

Shanghai Dragons pro Jae-gon ‘LeeJaeGon’ Lee raised the bar to set a new Overwatch record on June 6, tallying up more environmental kills in a single map than anyone before him.

When it comes to flashy kills in Overwatch, there’s nothing more stylish than a good environmental. Regardless of health, armor, shields, or any buffs that may be applied, a single boop can knock anyone off the map in a heartbeat.

While a number of heroes are capable of doing just that, Lucio is undoubtedly the most iconic. With his wall-riding antics, it’s always difficult to judge where he’ll be flying in from to land that critical boop.  

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Well, pro player LeeJaeGon might just be the Lucio master.

The Korean pro was already feared for his top-notch Support play, but now, he holds a unique world record for the most environmental kills in one game.

Having previously tied the world record with nine environmental kills back in the 2020 season, LeeJaeGon reached new heights in a June 7 series against Seoul Dynasty.

Fight after fight, the 19-year-old pro managed to find ways to knock his opposition off the map. 10 enemies fell to their deaths on Lijiang Tower alone, setting both the individual game record, along with the overall series record to boot.

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Just one map was all it took for LeeJaeGon to break a record performance that was once put up across an entire match. “Give him the MVP! End the series,” commentator Seth ‘Achilios’ King joked while casting the first map.

 To make the record even more outrageous, Lijiang Tower didn’t even go the distance. It was a quick 2-0 for the Shanghai Dragons to move to a 3–1 record.

The record performance starts at the 18:12 mark below.

Lijiang is known for its risky layout that can lead to all sorts of environmentals. There’s no doubt you’ve seen it time and time again in your public games.

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Though LeeJaeGon took advantage like no player ever has. Smashing the previous best and setting a new record that could stand for years to come.