Overwatch League tricked into showing image of serial killers on stream

Albert Petrosyan

The Overwatch League’s celebrations for Mother’s Day took a very odd turn, as their broadcast on Twitch ended up featuring an image of two notorious serial killers. 

With May 12 being Mother’s Day in the United States, the Overwatch League decided to hold a special celebration in honor of all mothers.

They asked fans to tweet pictures of them with their mom or a motherly figure, some of which would be chosen to feature live on the stream of the Stage 2 Playoff Final between the Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock. 

One fan decided to troll the league’s entire broadcast team by tweeting out an image of Fred and Rosemary West, two infamous British serial killers who terrorized England for three decades.

In order to sell the image’s credibility, the troll tweeted a heartwarming message that convinced the broadcast team that it was merely an innocent picture of a fan’s deceased mother. 

While those in charge of the broadcast may have been entirely fooled, their gaffe did not get missed by many of the 200,000+ that were watching the match on Twitch.

Esports journalist and host Richard Lewis tweeted out the clip and called out OWL for featuring the image on their stream, while referencing their somewhat ironic ban on ‘Pepe the frog’  imagery being shown on broadcast or in the venue.

Who are Fred and Rosemary West?

Fred and Rosemary West were both British serial killers who were found guilty of numerous crimes and dozens of murders between the 1960s to the 80s.

Fred himself is believed to have committed at least 12 homicides, but prior to the convictions being leveled out against him, he committed suicide by as asphyxiating himself in his jail cell. 

Rosemary was convicted for sexual assault and murder involving at least 10 victims, and was given a sentence of life imprisonment, which she is currently serving at HMP Low Newton in Durham, England.

She is mostly known for having been judged to have murdered her eight-year-old daughter Charmaine back in 1971. 

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