Instantly improve your aim in Overwatch with this workshop mode

YouTube / PMAJellies

The new workshop mode in Overwatch has rejuvenated the community, with endless possibilities for new ways to play, as well as methods for improvement – such as this brilliant firing range to improve your accuracy.

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Launched back in April, the workshop mode gives players the power to create their own modes, mini-games and more, using the maps and heroes available.

There is so much freedom for players in the workshop, that modes can be made that bear almost no resemblance to typical Overwatch matches, for all kinds of new experiences.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe new workshop in Overwatch has been a brilliant addition to the Blizzard title.
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While most of the modes have been focused on wacky and weird ways to play, like a Skyrim-style stealth map, or the return of the Ana paintball mode.

These modes make for a great change of pace from the standard casual or competitive games that Overwatch offers, but now players are using the workshop for more practical reasons.

YouTuber PMAJellies has made a genius firing range style mode, specifically designed to help you practice your aim with all variety of heroes and weapons.

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You can choose whatever hero you want to practice with, ideal for trying out a new main or or perfecting your gameplay with your favorite pick.

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PMAJellies’ aim mode is similar to workshop maps in CS:GO, which have long been used to train and perfect the recoil patterns.

To play the mode, you will need to use the code WRP63.