Overwatch League fans are upset with new Fanatic merch

The Overwatch League

Fans aren’t happy about the inconsistencies they’ve found on products in the new Overwatch League Fanatics store.

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The launch of the new store initially had a lot of fans excited for the chance to get their hands on some new gear for the 2019 season.

However, it didn’t take long at all for fans to notice that the jerseys available in the store were different than the ones being advertised by teams.

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For example, Washington Justice player Gi-hyeon ‘Ado’ Chon posted a photo of him wearing an “official” player jersey, but when you compare it to what’s being offered in the Fanatics shop, it’s clear they’re different.

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For now, the Fanatics store only offers numbers and names on the back of jerseys in black or white, which doesn’t really work for teams like Atlanta, whose Fanatics jerseys feature hard-to-read black lettering and numbers on a black shirt for the home kit.

These also look different than the jerseys advertised by the Reign around Christmas, which have distinct red numbers and grey player names. 

While Atlanta players will look fine in their jerseys on stage, it seems like fans who were expecting to get the same thing that players did will be disappointed.

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Besides the jerseys, fans also pointed out a disappointing assortment of women’s items, which, as of writing, consist of one v-neck shirt.

Another issue some fans noticed was that the coloring on the highly anticipated Hangzhou Spark jerseys seemed to be lighter than what was being advertised in the shop.

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That’s just what’s in the shop, as well; a number of OWL fans outside of the U.S. have complained about the high prices for anyone being shipped a jersey outside of the country. 

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OWL meme warrior Bad Pachimari even captured a screenshot that showed costs after shipping and fees: a hooded sweatshirt priced at $59.99 in the shop ends up costing $104.48 for a customer in Europe.

League representatives have said that a Europe-based shop is coming, but gave no exact dates for when to look for it.

With all the criticism going around, it’s probably good to remember that the shop has only been out for a little while, so there’s still time for the selection to improve even before the start of the Overwatch League on February 14.