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Overwatch League away skins are now available on the PTR

Published: 15/Nov/2018 19:06 Updated: 15/Nov/2018 21:51

by Bill Cooney


In the latest PTR update, players who purchase an Overwatch League skin will also receive the team’s away skin for the same hero. 

The changes were noticed and posted to Twitter by Overbuff, where they mentioned that this is only on PTR, so it could be subject to change.

For example, if a player purchases a Boston Uprising Reaper, they’ll also get the Boston Uprising away skin for Reaper.

The Overwatch League600

It should work retroactively as well, so that means when the patch goes live players will have a bunch of new items in the Hero Gallery.

Also, players who already have away skins for heroes, from the Overwatch League All-Access Pass, will get home team skins for that hero as well.


 This means those that bought the All-Access pass during Overwatch League’s inaugural season will receive at least 12 new skins if the changes go through.

Away skins were hugely popular with fans during the first season of Overwatch League but there was no way to unlock them unless you bought the All-Access pass, until now.