Overwatch hints at letting D.Va eat Sigma’s rock & more in upcoming patch

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is teasing some huge changes coming in a brand new Experimental patch being designed by a panel of streamers and pros and one of the craziest buffs suggested could make D.Va’s Defense Matrix even stronger.

Defense Matrix has been quite the controversial Overwatch ability, functioning like a shield of sorts, but with the unique capability of deleting some incoming projectiles.

Over the years, Defense Matrix has gone from being on a standard cooldown to having a meter similar to Pharah’s Hover Jets. However, one thing has remained the same: its ability to eat most attacks, including ultimates.

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We say most, because while D.Va’s Defense Matrix can absorb grenades and rockets, there are a couple of projectiles that she can’t eat such as Sigma’s rock and Baptiste’s Immortality Field.

Dva poses on Watch PointBlizzard Entertainment
D.Va’s Defense Matrix has been tuned a lot over the years.

In a teaser of what’s to coming when the Experimental patch is decided on March 14, Overwatch League pro Gael ‘Poko’ Gouzerch chimed in with his suggestions for the mech-piloting hero.

According to Poko, it’s strange how D.Va can eat Zarya’s Graviton Surge, but not Sigma’s rock – something he wants changed.

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“Just let D.Va eat all projectiles,” he suggested.

Furthermore, he had a couple more ideas to help improve the South Korean hero. For one, he thinks that Self-Destruct’s ultimate charge should be reduced by as much as 30%.

He did note, however, that he was admittedly biased and the panel would need to decide the number.

Finally, he said that he believes D.Va should be invulnerable during her Call Mech animation when she’s in her baby form.

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Baby dva grinsBlizzard Entertainment
Letting D.Va avoid being CC’d in baby form would be a massive buff.

It will be interesting to see how many of these proposals end up going through to the Experimental patch and if they’ll remain in the game for any longer after that.

The ability for D.Va to eat Sigma’s rock has been on a lot of players’ wishlists for awhile, so if it ends up being added, surely they’d hope for it to remain in the game going forward.

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