Bizarre Overwatch bug kills Symmetra after using her own Teleporter

Michael Gwilliam
Blizzard Entertainment

Ever since her rework, Symmetra has proven to be one of the most dynamic heroes in Overwatch, in large part thanks to her Teleporter being an amazing mobility tool. However, that Teleporter may have some kinks to work out.

Sym’s Teleporter has a lot of uses as an ability. It can be used to get teammates out of spawn quicker, gain fast access to the high ground, bypass chokepoints, and get out of sticky situations.

One such sticky situation happened with Overwatch streamer kotablaize during a game on Nepal Sanctum where his Teleporter seemed to do the opposite of its intended use.

After scoring a kill on the enemy Reinhardt while battling for point possession, the enemy Genji and Zarya popped their ultimates, causing kotablaize to create a Teleporter to get away to safety.

Symmetra uses Teleporter
Blizzard Entertainment
Symmetra’s Teleporter has become a powerful utility tool.

As the Symmetra player was caught by Zarya’s Graviton Surge behind a wall, she accessed the Teleporter to get away to the high ground, but instead of moving forward, the player seemed to be pushed back.

“Oh, what the f**k, dude?!” the player laughed.

In the kill feed, you can see that Zarya’s ultimate was able to score the killing blow on Symmetra by making her fall to her death. The problem, however, is Graviton Surge doesn’t travel through Teleporters – friendly or otherwise.

Of course, if he had accidentally walked off the map and died, the Zarya would still get kill credit, but according to the streamer that’s not what happened.

“I tried to teleport out and I was still CC’d (crowd controlled) by the Grav, I guess,” kotablaize said. “I couldn’t move forward.

Until this is fixed, it’s probably best that Symmetra players don’t teleport out of Graviton Surges when there is an environmental hazard below. Placing the Teleporter in a different spot than directly above the high ground is likely the right play going forward.

Otherwise, it could end up costing you and maybe even your whole team if everyone ends up using the Teleporter at the exact same time.