Overwatch hero Baptiste’s ultimate creates insanely powerful combinations

Joe O'Brien

Overwatch’s 30
hero, Baptiste, has finally arrived on the live servers, and players are beginning to figure out what he’s capable of.

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Baptiste is a Support hero with a unique kit, bearing a Biotic Launcher that acts as both burst rifle and grenade launcher, Exo Boots that allow him to jump higher and an Immortality Field that acts like nothing else currently in the game.

His ultimate ability, Amplification Matrix, certainly isn’t the only ability in the game that offers a damage or healing boost to friendly players, but it does deliver its boost in a unique way, placed in a stationary location and then amplifying all damage or healing that passes through it.

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The Amplification Matrix in particular can be game-changing alone, but when coordinated with some other heroes’ abilities it can make for some truly spectacular damage output.

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Blizzard EntertainmentBaptiste is the 30th hero to join the Overwatch roster.

As u/balzz662 demonstrates, using the Amplification Matrix together with Orisa’s Supercharger and Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor makes for a particularly deadly combination.

Baptiste’s ultimate increases damage through it by 100% while Orisa’s boosts it a further 50%. As Soldier: 76’s own ultimate acts essentially as an aim-bot, ensuring perfect aim for the duration, with this combination he shreds through enemies with incredible speed.

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What’s even more intimidating about the possibilities that Baptiste opens up is that this isn’t even the biggest damage boost combination possible. Both Amplification Matrix and Supercharger can increase damage from multiple players at once, but the likes of Mercy’s Caduceus Staff and Ana’s Nano Boost – which offer a 30% and 50% damage boost respectively – could also in theory be stacked on a single player.

Exactly what combinations will work best with Baptiste remains to be seen, and many will likely look to his arrival in Stage Two of the Overwatch League from April 4 to see how the world’s best players implement him, but it certainly seems that he could be the key to some massive power spikes in the right composition.

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