Overwatch 2 players spotlight Reaper for next overhaul but not everyone is convinced

Repear in OverwatchBlizzard

Overwatch 2 players are suggesting Reaper should be in line for the next hero overhaul as many feel his kit is “outdated”, but not everyone is convinced.

Come Season 7 of Overwatch 2, the devs have revealed they are reworking Sombra’s kit with a whole new ability. This rework comes as the devs slowly overhauled many heroes’ abilities to shake up the meta. 

However, after Sombra, no other hero rework has been announced or even so much as teased yet. But some Overwatch players are suggesting that Repear should be in line for the next big update, whenever that may arrive. 

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This was the suggestion of a player on the Overwatch 2 subreddit who explained why they believe it’s not time to show some love to our spooky shadowy friend.

“I don’t want to say he’s awful, I make him work in the majority of cases, but god it feels like his kit is hard countered by the majority of the cast now,” the player wrote. Further arguing that ever since his Wraith was nerfed to deactivate when CC’d, Reaper has been lacking. 

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Another player suggested that overall Reaper’s kit is alright, rather the devs should add an alt-fire as most other DPS have some sort of alternative damage, or at least another ability to mix up their gameplay. 

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This was also suggested by the original poster, as they recommended a sort of slug shot that could give Reaper some long-range capabilities to make him more viable. 

However, not everyone agrees Reaper should get an overhaul. As explained by another commenter, “The problem with him is that he’s always been a menace to low Tanks and fell behind at higher ranks. I’m really not sure what you can do with him that’d make him consistently good across every rank without being OP.” 

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Many other commenters agreed with the sentiment that an overhaul is not needed, rather he simply needs a buff. “He needs a buff rather than a rework. Faster Wraith form, less vulnerable during teleport, more consistent damage.” 

As for if Reaper could be in the dev’s sights for a buff or rework, players will need to wait and see. Things have been fairly quiet since Season 6, but that’s sure to change in the coming weeks.

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