Overwatch 2 expert explains why “S-tier” Baptiste needs even more nerfs

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Baptiste received some nerfs in the latest Overwatch patch, but the hero still needs some additional changes, according to an OW2 expert.

As far as supports go, Baptiste has a bit of everything. The Haitian healer has some of the best damage and utility tools on the roster, even after a series of nerfs over the last few months.

The most recent changes to Baptiste lowered his Regenerative Burst healing from 50 to 40 and decreased its heal over time to be one second less. However, these nerfs and changes to the global support passive haven’t been enough to keep the hero down.

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In a new tier list video, Overwatch 2 content creator KarQ explained that Baptiste is still “really overtuned” and the devs need to hit him with some further adjustments.

Baptiste still S-tier support despite Overwatch 2 nerfs

According to KarQ, Baptiste can simply do too much in ranked thanks to his powerful kit – and the current meta is only making him more effective.

“[He has] a lot of DPS. Lamp is still good. He can still pocket Orisa,” he said, noting how Bap pairs nicely with so many tanks. “You can play with Orisa, Ramattra, Zarya, Junker Queen, Reinhardt.”

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(segment begins at 1:22)

“You can just dish out so much besides that raw regen burst healing. That was just the easy part of his kit. I still think he’s really popular in ranked, too. So there we have it,” the Twitch streamer concluded, placing Baptiste firmly in S-tier.

It’s unclear if the devs plan to adjust Baptiste more in the future, but it’s unlikely that we see any balance changes until the start of Season 7, alongside a reworked Sombra followed by a revamped Roadhog thereafter.

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Until then, be sure to keep making use of Baptiste in ranked play, especially when your team is opting to run tanks that pair well with the powerful support.

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