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Overwatch pro Dafran demonstrates useful Soldier: 76 trick on Junkertown

Published: 21/Mar/2019 8:52 Updated: 21/Mar/2019 9:11

by Joe O'Brien


Atlanta Reign player and popular Overwatch streamer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca discovered a useful trick with Soldier: 76 on Junkertown.

By utilizing rocket-jumping, Dafran realized that it’s possible to quickly reach a location that would usually require a significant detour for Soldier: 76, who lacks the vertical mobility that some heroes offer.

Rocket-jumping is a technique that uses the small knock-back from an explosive weapon – in Soldier: 76’s case, his Helix Rockets – to get a boost while jumping, enabling either greater height or further distance and thus allowing the player to make jumps they otherwise wouldn’t have.

By rocket-jumping off of the corner of the nearest building, it’s possible to strafe across to the opening in the upper level that overlooks the Stage 1 capture point.

The entry to the second stage of Junkertown can be tricky to break through, particularly with limited vertical mobility, as the doorway through which the payload must travel gives the defending team plenty of options for taking the high ground advantage.

Being able to contest that high ground without taking the long and predictable way around the ramp can be useful for both fighting stage one and pushing through the start of stage two.

Soldier: 76’s consistent damage output usually comes with the trade-off of lacking vertical mobility, but tricks like this one can help overcome that limitation.

This is by no means the first use of rocket-jumping in Overwatch, but it does appear to be a previously-unseen use of the technique. It’s not impossible that the most recent update, which made balance changes to a variety of heroes including adjusting Soldier: 76’s Sprint, made this jump possible where it previously wasn’t.


Overwatch cosplayer sprints into battle as Soldier 76 with female twist

Published: 24/Nov/2020 23:55 Updated: 24/Nov/2020 23:58

by Michael Gwilliam


Cosplayers are no strangers to creating unique outfits based on Overwatch heroes and Hendoart proved to be no different with her stunning female take on Soldier 76.

Soldier 76 is one of the original classic Overwatch heroes, having been around since the game’s launch. With his iconic red, white, and blue jacket, mask, plus heavy pulse rifle, Jack Morrison can easily stand out in a crowd.

That all said, cosplayer and streamer Sarah ‘Hendoart’ Hendo decided to tackle the DPS hero from her own perspective, in what she called a “mini gender bend.”

As you can see from the photos, Hendo absolutely nailed the look of Soldier 76 getting the jacket, gloves, gun, and even biotic field down pat.


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Meanwhile, she also added some of her own flair. Thanks to her feminine figure, the outfit manages to take on a life of its own, especially with her flowing brown hair behind 76’s mask.

However, the best part comes in the form of a little video she created with a fellow Mercy cosplayer. In the clip, the battle-scarred Hendo begs for healing and even “spams” for it – a bit of a meme in the Overwatch community.

“Just a battle-damaged Soldier and a Mercy who dgaf about me,” she captioned the video.


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Eventually, the Mercy begins to nurse Hendo back to health and starts wrapping her arm in a bandage, and evaluates the rest of the hero’s injuries.

Hendo’s cosplays aren’t limited to just Overwatch either. She has cosplayed as many different DC and Marvel superheroes including Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, Joker, Mary Jane, and Venom just to name a few.


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Soldier 76 isn’t the only Overwatch cosplay she’s done either. In the past, she has done many different takes on the tank hero D.Va including her School Girl and Tangerine themed skins.

With Overwatch 2 on the way and multiple more heroes coming with the sequel, this likely isn’t the last we’ve seen from Hendoart and quite frankly, we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.