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Stealthy Overwatch healer idea would let you be the Tracer of supports

Published: 3/Aug/2021 12:15

by Lauren Bergin


As Overwatch supports continue to cry out for a new hero to join the pool, one player has devised a flanker healer inspired by the game’s poster child, Tracer. 

If there’s one thing that Overwatch’s support mains have been begging for since the dawn of time, it’s a new healer.

With Echo being the final hero to release into Overwatch’s base game in 2020, players have been calling for increases to the tank and support pools, both of which are incredibly sparse in comparison to the stacked DPS roster.

Enter a support design unlike any other. The brainchild of Reddit user ShedPH93, this innovative idea draws inspiration from feisty Englishwoman, Tracer, to bring us an all-new flanking healer.


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Overwatch’s support pool is pretty slim, and really does need a helping hand.

Meet Yelena, Overwatch’s Tracer-style support

ShedPH93’s hero is called Yelena, a “nimble, evasive” healer that can “provide healing to her team from afar, deep in the enemy backline.”

While her backstory remains mysterious, we know “she went through a similar accident to Tracer and her presence in time is unstable.”

What she lacks in history she makes up in healing firepower, however, as ShedPH93 has left no detail untouched when designing their concept for Yelena.

Striving for the perfect balance, each ability forces the player to strategize before using it, making what may at first glance appear an overpowered kit into something that is very difficult to master.


Yelena’s Abilities

Support hero concept: Yelena (flanker healer) from Overwatch

While Yelena doesn’t pack much of a punch in terms of damage, her kit makes her an incredibly powerful support. Her Ultimate could easily make or break a teamfight, with all of that instant health saving struggling teammates from the brink.

Her Bisync Passive is equally as powerful, as it keeps allies topped up throughout engagements. However, it relies on the player doing a decent amount of damage, therefore it’s not just a free pass.

That’s what’s so interesting about all of Yelena’s kit. The entire thing is well balanced, making her powerful but not OP.


With the release of Overwatch 2 we’ll likely see a few more medics enter the fray, however whether or not a design like Yelena’s makes the cut is yet to be seen. Until the highly anticipated sequel appears, though, we’ll have to make do with the current healing roster.