Overwatch Halloween Terror 2021: All achievements in Junkenstein’s Revenge

Bill Cooney
Junkenstein's Revenge Overwatch Halloween terror
Blizzard Entertainment

It’s time for Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event, and that means Junkenstein’s Revenge is back as well. On top of loot boxes players can also unlock exclusive skins through achievements, and we’ll go over them all right here.

Since 2016 Junkenstein’s Revenge has been Halloween Terror’s PvE mode, with players facing off against hordes of Zomnics outside the castle on spooky Eichenwalde.

Over the years, multiple versions of the mode have been introduced, along with more achievements as well. Here we’ll go over each one, and how to increase your chances of knocking the challenges out.

Junkenstein’s Revenge Overwatch Achievements

Ashe shoots Roadhog
Blizzard Entertainment
Junkenstein’s Revenge is still a challenge for achievement hunters during Halloween Terror.

There are 11 original Halloween Terror Achievements, and six more have been added on top of that for Junkenstein challenges as well. They all offer a great seasonal skin after being completed, and are sure to impress friends, teammates, and opponents alike.

Some Achievements are definitely easier to knock out than others, but Brigitte being added in 2018 made things much simpler. Since then she’s been the key, and if you use her abilities correctly, getting these rare sprays can be a cinch.

  • Four They Were
    • Win Junkensten’s Revenge with 4 different heroes.
    • Reward: “Rise of the Zomnics” spray.
  • Six Wanderers
    • Win Junkenstein’s Revenge with 6 different heroes.
    • Reward:“Zomnic” Spray
  • Survived the Night
    • Win Junkenstein’s Revenge on Hard difficulty.
    • Reward: “Junkenstein’s Revenge” Spray
  • Dawn Breaks
    • Win Junkenstein’s Revenge on Expert difficulty.
    • Reward: “The Reaper” Spray
Overwatch junkenstein spray reaper
Blizzard Entertainment
Trying to win with the door at full health for the “Not a Scratch” achievement can quickly tilt even the most veteran Overwatch players.
  • Not a Scratch
    • Win Junkenstein’s Revenge on Hard difficulty with no damage to the door.
    • Reward: “The Reapening” Spray
  • Held the Door
    • Win Junkenstein’s Revenge on Legendary difficulty.
    • Reward: “Halloween Special” Spray
  • Six They Were
    • Win Junkenstein Endless with 6 different heroes.
    • Reward: “My Creations” Spray
  • Unscathed
    • Win Junkenstein Endless on hard difficulty with no damage to the door.
    • Reward: “The Monster” Spray
  • Hardened Defenders
    • Survive 4 bonus waves in Junkenstein Endless on Hard difficulty.
    • Reward: “Zombardier” Spray
Mercy The Witch spray
Blizzard Entertainment
“The Witch” spray is one of the most sought-after in Overwatch, but it’s not easy to unlock.
  • Survivor
    • Survive 4 bonus waves in Junkenstein Endless on Expert difficulty.
    • Reward: “The Witch” Spray
  • Dawn Patrol
    • Survive 12 bonus waves in Junkenstein Endless.
    • Reward: “Flaming Pumpkin” Spray

Junkenstein Challenge Mode Achievements

Ashe red riding hunt spray
Blizzard Entertainment
The “Red Riding Hunt” spray is available through the Vengeful Ghost Junkenstein challenge mission.

Overwatch added six new Junkenstein Challange modes, along with a new achievement for each, back in 2020, these are listed below:

  • Shocking Surprise
    • Complete the Shocking Surprise Junkenstein challenge mission.
    • Reward: “Viking Fury” Spray
  • Mystery Swap
    • Compelte the Mystery Swap Junkenstein challenge mission.
    • Reward: “Quickdraw” Spray
  • Vengeful Ghost
    • Complete the Vengeful Ghost Junkenstein challenge mission.
    • Reward: “Red Riding Hunt” Spray
  • Volatile Zomnics
    • Complete the Volatile Zomnics Junkenstein challenge mission.
    • Reward: “Zombarded” Spray
  • Frenzied Stampede
    • Complete the Frenzied Stampede Junkenstein challenge mission.
    • Reward: “Frenzied Stampede” Spray
  • Three They Were
    • Complete the Three They Were Junkenstein challenge mission.
    • Reward: “Uncanny Speed” Spray

Overwatch Junkentsein’s Revenge Strategy

Brigitte Halloween Terror Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Brigitte’s shield bash is excellent for surviving Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Like we mentioned earlier on, Brigitte is absolutely key to getting done with the acheivements as quick as possible, because she can cancel some of the most annoying enemy boss abilities, like Roadhog’s self-heal and Mercy’s resurrect.

But you’ll also need a good bit of damage along with that, so heroes like Hanzo and McCree are also good choices.  Torbjorn is always a solid pick due to his turret as well, but McCree and Soldier should be able to hold the line as well.

Generally, along with Brigitte you’ll want another Support capable of killing Zomnics efficiently on their own as well and Baptiste being added in 2020 gives you even more healing and damage options to choose from. Zen is also good here, as his discord orbs makes the bosses even faster.

Your DPS should be killing everything in sight, healers keeping them up and contributing damage as need be, but the trick is to have Brigitte stun the bosses just when they’re activating ultimate, or other annoying abilities. Not only will this burn them down quicker, but it will also free up DPS to focus on Zomnics quicker, who might otherwise reach the door and ruin your perfect run.

Overwatch Junkentsein’s Revenge Heroes

McCree Halloween skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Junkenstein’s Revenge is all about defending the castle door from wave after wave of Zomnic attackers.

It’s also possible to play the game with 12 different heroes, listed below, in order of what year they were added:


  • McCree — “The Gunslinger”
  • Soldier 76 — “The Soldier”
  • Hanzo — “The Archer”
  • Ana — “The Alchemist”


  • Torbjorn — “The Viking”
  • Zenyatta — “The Monk”
  • Genji — “The Swordsman”
  • Widowmaker — “The Countess”


  • Brigitte — “The Shieldmaiden”
  • Tracer — “A Ghostly Will-O’-The-Wisp”


  • Ashe — “The Outlaw”
  • Baptiste — “The Renegade”