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Overwatch glitch helps create an epic Play of the Game

Published: 30/Nov/2018 14:11 Updated: 30/Nov/2018 14:16

by Joe O'Brien


A perfectly-timed D.Va glitch made for the perfect ending to an Overwatch Play of the Game.

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While fighting for Lijiang Tower’s Night Market point, Overwatch player u/Shadow_Asii found themselves surrounded by the enemy team.

With so many players in a small space and the enemy Reinhardt frozen, thus unable to shield is team-mates, it was the perfect opportunity for a Self-Destruct.

As soon as u/Shadow_Asii used the ultimate, however, they found themselves transported high above the map, falling to their inevitable death.

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Fortunately, the self-destruct proved successful, and the player ended up with a brilliant view as they wiped out nearly the entire enemy team.


This D.va glitch, as a grand finale for this post streak from r/Overwatch

The glitch is a fairly well-known one that has been present in the game for some time, although Blizzard have yet to provide a fix for it.

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While it might often be frustrating to be launched to certain death simply for using D.Va’s ultimate ability, in this case at least it arguably enhanced the spectacle of a successful play.

As some players may be aware, the various points for each Control map are actually rendered together as one large map. Some players have previously found means of travelling between them in-game on the likes of Ilios and Nepal.


In this instance, the Garden point can be seen higher up on the left side as u/Shadow_Asii falls, and there’s also a brief glimpse of the Control Center area in the skyscraper on the right hand side immediately after the player is transported.