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Overwatch gets crazy minigames with epic WarioWare-inspired mod

Published: 7/Jun/2020 1:28

by Alan Bernal


An Overwatch mod is going to be a blast of nostalgia for some players as it introduced dozens of games inspired by the Nintendo classic, WarioWare.

The franchise that’s ended many friendships finds a breath of new life with the 3D characters of Blizzard’s team shooter, with beefy Tjorbs and Winstons vying for a position on impossibly small circles depending on the ‘microgame.’

The presentation of ‘OWWare’ is straightforward but that’s because ‘Bonkorn’ incorporated a library of modes that players will be randomly inserted into to outlast or outclass their competition.

Inspired by the Team Fortress 2 mod that the name takes after, Bonkorn created 48 microgames with 12 ‘boss stages’ – not to mention the seven different ‘Special Modes’ that adds an extra rule for every other match.


Games include something simple and direct like simply ‘Kill an enemy.’ Others ask for something a bit more compelling, like having to choose one of six spheres to stand, but the catch is that a random sphere kills everyone in it.

Bonkorn via YouTube
The mod breathes new life into Overwatch with classic WarioWare-esque games.

Boss stages, however, poses a threat to the players availability in the game. Challenges include everyone playing as Genji while trying to either evade or deflect missiles from two Pharahs at the center of the stage.

These types of encounters are only amplified by rule changes such as ‘Slow Motion’ and ‘Third Person’ that alters the game in fun ways.


But the mod has structure in it along with the various game rules that changes the objectives that players need to achieve. Every microgame lasts five seconds until it shifts to the next randomly selected ruleset.

Winning the microgame nets you a point. After five microgames, there’s a ‘boss stage’ that will commence. These stages last for 30 seconds, and whoever comes out on top gets three points.

The mod has endless replayability with a bunch of friends or other WarioWare-fans from Bonkorn Discord community, and is worth checking out with Workshop code: YZNNN.

OWWare is sure to get picked up by a ton of Overwatch players who want to put together an easy community game night with friends.