Overwatch fans spot Tracer & Sombra lookalikes in Netflix’s Robozuna series

sombra overwatch danuviaActivision Blizzard / Netflix

Some Overwatch fans have spotted a couple of characters in the Netflix animated series, Robozuna, that look a lot like they drew inspiration from Tracer and Sombra.

Overwatch is a game with a diverse cast of 32 heroes, ranging from all kinds of different backgrounds and archetypes.

With all of this diversity, there’s bound to be comparisons made between its heroes and characters from other games/shows, much like Valorant’s Omen being compared to Reaper. But, sometimes these comparisons come in unexpected places.

Netflix’s Robozuna animated series is one such place, but as Overwatch fans have pointed out, there are some staggering similarities between a couple of characters in the show and two Overwatch heroes.

Overwatch’s Tracer & Sombra doppelgangers in Robozuna

Tracer OverwatchActivision Blizzard
Tracer is Overwatch’s speediest killer and may just have a doppelganger on Netflix!

For those that may not know what Robozuna is, it’s an animated show that is on its second season. It first aired in 2018 on Netflix.

From the looks of the trailer, the show is about a young protagonist teaming up with some robots to generally fight an evil force. But, upon looking a bit closer at one of the main antagonists in the show, Overwatch’s Sombra instantly comes to mind.

The character’s name in the show is Danuvia, whose decked out in purple hair and has some cybernetic aspects of her appearance that make her look every bit like Overwatch’s hacker.

The Sombra lookalike show’s up in the show’s trailer around the 0:41 second mark for those curious for a closer look at the similarities.

danuvia Netflix
Danuvia looks to be every bit as menacing as Sombra.

But, that’s not all, one of the show’s protagonists also has some striking similarities to Tracer, albeit a bit less so than the Sombra lookalike.

This was pointed out by fans in the Overwatch subreddit, who call the characters, “Knock off tracer and sombra.”

While these characters do draw some similarities to those in Overwatch, there are some differences that distinguish them. Regardless, that won’t stop fans from making the comparisons and poking fun at the lack of any kind of Overwatch TV show.

“So here’s the Overwatch Netflix adaptation?” joked the top comment on the Reddit thread.

An Overwatch TV show is something that many have wanted over the course of the game’s long history, and while this clearly isn’t it, it may go to show even further how much potential the game’s diverse cast has in a television setting.