Overwatch fans are going crazy for this incredible Ashe artwork

David Purcell
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch‘s online community has produced some absolutely stunning concepts, cosplays and fan art, but not many hero portraits will have generated the same level of popularity as this one. 

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A number of different heroes from the world of Overwatch have developed cult followings since the game first released in May 2016, which has resulted in some fan art – ranging from amateur to astonishing, and this one is very much the latter. 

Reddit user xxRandizzle posted a piece of artwork, which was uploaded to DeviantArt by their girlfriend. “My girlfriends art doesn’t get the attention it deserves, so I asked her if I could post it here,” they said. 

Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe is one of the most popular Overwatch heroes.
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The portrait is inspired by one of the most popular Overwatch characters on the roster, Ashe, and proved to be “time consuming” according to the artist’s post to Deviant Art. 

Ashe can be seen posing with her weapon, The Viper, in the artwork below and the piece has since attracted a flood of comments from other members of the game’s community. 

Zyari, DeviantArt
The artwork features Ashe, holding her trusty weapon, and has proved to be very popular on Reddit.
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The general consensus seems to be very positive for the fan art as well, with many users responding to the post on Reddit. 

“That’s some real talent right there. I wish was 1% as good,” one posted, as another wrote: “Her art is great, there’s so much detail and you can really tell just how much time and effort she put into all her work she’s posted!” 

Whether or not this is the best portrait of Ashe ever posted to Reddit isn’t really for us to say, but with over 10,000 upvotes and a flood of positive comments, we can say that it’s certainly one of the most popular to have surfaced online.