Overwatch fans instantly meme Mercy’s new “Karen” skin

Overwatch Mercy Archives 2021 skinBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Archives event for 2021 didn’t quite live up to expectations, but Mercy fans were thrilled to get a new skin even if it does look a little like those “Karen” memes…

For many, the 2021 Overwatch Archives event didn’t quite hit the spot. With players disgruntled from the onset because the event felt completely repetitive, the event itself left fans angry and underwhelmed.

There’s been a lot of focus, though, on one of the event’s Weekly Challenge skins. Camouflage Mercy certainly put a smile on people who main the iconic Swiss healer, but there’s a sector of the community that just find it, well, hilarious.

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In response, fans everywhere have flooded the internet with Overwatch Mercy memes comparing the new cosmetic to a “Karen.”

Overwatch Archives Mercy skin is literally Karen

Overwatch Archives Camo MercyBlizzard Entertainment
‘Karen’flage Mercy is here to talk to your manager.

For those unaware, in the internet meme universe a “Karen” is described as “the term for a woman seeming to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.”

While Mercy has traded in her golden locks for a darker trim, it’s the skin’s hair transformation that has fans in stitches.

One fan literally refers to the skin as being “Karen Mercy” in a saddened response to the original images.

Twitter wasn’t the only place where fans have made the comparison though. As expected, the Overwatch subreddit came out in style.

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With 8.5k upvotes, one cheeky Redditer has created a very Archives Mercy spin on the iconic “I want to speak to your manager” meme. Jeff Kaplan better watch out, Overwatch’s Karen is coming for you.

Another has joined in with a similar meme, but this time Mercy doesn’t have time for any feeding in her games.

With commenters doing everything from comparing her to Moira Rose from the iconic comedy “Schitt’s Creek” to her hair looking like a wig from American costume budget franchise Party City, fans aren’t vibing with this skin.

For Mercy mains, though, at least it’s a new skin to add to your arsenal!

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