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Overwatch fan finishes reimagining every Overwatch hero as Marvel characters

Published: 1/Nov/2018 19:43 Updated: 1/Nov/2018 20:20

by Bill Cooney


Halloween may be over, but that didn’t stop this artist from finishing their goal of recreating all the Overwatch heroes as Marvel characters.

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The pieces were posted to Twitter by user xtremee_Ghost, who said it was the last four they had to draw to complete the Overwatch cast.

They’re all just as impressive as xtremee_Ghost’s past Marvel concepts, and Sombra really does makes the perfect Invisible Woman.

xtremee_Ghosthttps://twitter.com/xtremee_ghost/status/1058069890811265025[ad name=”article2″]xtremee_Ghosthttps://twitter.com/xtremee_ghost/status/1058069890811265025

Hanzo has been appropriately reimagined as Hawkeye (who else would he be?) and Mercy makes an excellent Captain Marvel.


The best piece out of these four has to be a primal raging Winston as the Incredible Hulk, because it just fits both characters so perfectly.

xtremee_Ghosthttps://twitter.com/xtremee_ghost/status/1058069890811265025[ad name=”article3″]xtremee_Ghosthttps://twitter.com/xtremee_ghost/status/1058069890811265025

Xtremee_Ghost did another impressive project last year for Halloween where they remade Overwatch heroes into X-Men characters.

Hopefully they continue to make this kind of awesome Overwatch art and who knows? Maybe one day we might even see a Marvel Overwatch crossover event.