Overwatch fan finds disturbing truth behind Moira’s weapon

Connor Knudsen
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Moira is one of Overwatch’s most versatile heroes, boasting a unique weapon that allows her to both heal and do damage. But, one fan’s discovery about the source of her power will make you see the Irish hero in a totally different light.

One of Overwatch’s most unique features is its heroes, each possessing their own set of powers and abilities that are totally independent of one another.

Ranging from electrical cannons to powerful gauntlets, many of the game’s heroes get their power directly from the weapon itself.

Moira, on the other hand, is a bit more mysterious. But thanks to one player’s observation about her, the truth behind her power is truly disturbing.

The disturbing truth behind Moira’s weapon

Overwatch Moira
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Moira’s powers may be less of a mystery now thanks to this fan theory.

Moira is a hero in Overwatch that draws her power from a backpack-like object on her back, then emits this through her left and right hand. This much, most fans will already know.

But, how does that fluid reach her hands from her back? By taking a closer look, one fan thinks they have found the answer.

According to Aitipse_Amelie on Reddit, “The cables are inside Moira’s body, they go into her at the elbows and at somewhere on the upper side of her back.”

This was shared to the Overwatch subreddit and immediately received over 1,000 upvotes as the user breaks down just how this all seems to work out.

In a lengthy post taking a look at Moira’s Scientist and Blackwatch skins, the observation is made that the cables carrying her biotic energy don’t appear to connect all the way from her backpack to her hands, insinuating that, in the gaps in between, the cables go inside her body.

The OP explains their theory further, saying “I’d like to think that there must be some kind of cable permanently inside her body which allows her to connect the elbow pads with the glove cables and the upper part of the backpack with the glass tubes when donning her suit, closing the system when on combat and allowing the fluids to travel freely without coming in contact with her blood.”

While such a theory does help to put some of the pieces together, there is no official lore or part of Moira’s backstory that confirms or denies this.

Perhaps more news will come when the game’s sequel, Overwatch 2, releases. While it’s rumored this could happen in February or March of 2022, nothing has yet been confirmed.