Overwatch players want frequent content like Apex Legends for OW2

maximilien in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment/Max Sobolev

With an Overwatch 2 beta reportedly coming later in February, fans of Blizzard’s hero shooter are pushing for frequent content like Apex Legends for when the sequel finally drops.

Apex Legends hasn’t been out nearly as long as Overwatch, but its plentiful content drops, including new characters, have left Overwatch players feeling starved by comparison.

In fact, Apex Legends has caught up with Overwatch in terms of post-launch characters with the last hero released for Blizzard’s title being Echo way back in 2020.

Now, as Apex gears up for its 12th season and an Overwatch 2 beta likely over the horizon, players are hoping that Blizzard steps up its content game to be more like Respawn.

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Sombra EMP on new yorkBlizzard Entertainment
Apex Legends caught up to Overwatch in characters.

Players demand Overwatch 2 have Apex Legends content

In a popular post on Reddit, Overwatch players explained how jealous they were of Apex’s frequent content drops compared to Overwatch’s slim event calendar.

“Apex is a good game… and it’s great to see it getting content and characters. They even added a Control mode for their current event,” user PoggersMemes wrote, noting how their community still seems unhappy. “I just wish we can feel this excited about Overwatch content at some point, and not an announcement of an announcement.”

Others commented how Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant is also eclipsing Overwatch in terms of new content and wish Blizzard would step up.

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Ash on Storm Point in Apex Legends.Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends keeps getting new content.

“In the FPS space Valorant has content coming fast too. And it isn’t just new agents either, it’s new music, animations, cosmetics, and maps,” explained an Overwatch fan. “All we get is vague promises and the whole ‘speak don’t show’ styled contact over the last few years.”

Some even brought up Destiny and how Bungie compares to Overwatch and Apex writing, “Literally every week Destiny players get an update on the game with the TWAB, and 3 month long seasonal cycles. Similar content cycle with Apex too. Man, I hope for OW2 to be more substantial in communication with us but that’s just another puff of copium.”

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Hopefully, Overwatch 2 will learn from some of the mistakes made by the original game and give fans of the hero shooter enough reasons to remain active instead of switching to other titles like Apex.