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Overwatch fan creates real working version of Winston’s Tesla Cannon

Published: 30/Jan/2020 14:25

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch fan has created functional real-life versions of Winston’s Tesla Cannon and Reinhardt’s rocket-powered hammer.

It’s not uncommon for cosplayers to create incredibly detailed replicas of the weapons wielded by various video game characters, but Reddit user blbird has taken things one step further by producing a Tesla Cannon and Rocket Hammer that not only look the part, but even function in a similar manner to their in-game counterparts.

Their demonstration of the ‘Tesla Cannon’ shows the weapon firing streaks of lightning at its target, just as Winston’s weapon does in-game. Electricity can be seen arcing from the weapon to a piece of paper with a picture of Doomfist on it, which eventually catches on fire.


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According to the title, the weapon uses 1.3 million volts of electricity to produce the effect.

My Second Work is Winston’s Tesla Cannon with 1.3 million volts from r/Overwatch

Those who are curious about how this replica weapon came into existence can see behind-the-scenes in a video showing how it was created.

Blbird didn’t stop there, however, also working on a real version of the rocket-powered hammer wielded by Reinhardt.

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The hammer can be activated to initiate the twin boosters on the back of it, which in the game provide the additional thrust that allows the crusader to perform his Earthshatter ultimate ability. While it seems unlikely that the ‘boosters’ in the real-life version add much power to the weapon, they certainly look the part.


Unlike the Tesla Cannon, which obviously relies on a power connection in order to function, the hammer can be wielded completely independently.

I just made a Rein’s hammer with recycle-able trash from r/Overwatch

According to blbird, the creator has also already built a version of Doomfist’s iconic gauntlet, and plans to make Genji’s sword and Mercy’s staff, so it seems fans of these real-world realizations of Overwatch weapons will have more to look forward to.