Overwatch fan artist gives Mei a battle-ready Chun-Li crossover skin

Virginia Glaze
Capcom / Blizzard

Thanks to Overwatch’s colorful cast of heroes, it’s no surprise that fan artists across the globe have come up with a slew of new costume ideas for each character – and what better way to celebrate their uniqueness than to pair them with the equally unique world warriors of the Street Fighter series?

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Artist ‘Grimmancer’ has done just that, with their latest piece being a stunning crossover between Street Fighter’s leading lady, Chun-Li, and the weather-altering Mei-Ling Zhou.

Both hailing from China, Mei sports Chun-Li’s signature Qipao, this time altered to fit a colder climate with fur trim and icy blue accents.

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Unlike Chun-Li’s white combat boots, Mei wears “the boots with the fur,” which appear to come equipped with spikes for climbing across ice and snow.

While Mei wears Chun-Li’s spike bracelets on each wrist, she has kept her hair in it’s usual bun, rather than opting for Chun’s iconic ‘ox-horn’ hairstyle.

Grimmancer, Twitter
600https://twitter.com/grim_mancer/status/1133786227809890307[ad name=”article3″]

With this outfit, Mei truly looks like “the strongest woman in the world:” but that’s far from Grimmancer’s first Street Fighter x Overwatch crossover.

Grimmancer has cooked up a slew of crossover outfits for many of Overwatch’s female heroes, including Widowmaker, Tracer, Moira, D.Va, and Symmetra.

Grimmancer, Twitter

In keeping with Widowmaker’s occupation as an assassin, Grimmancer paired her with Street Fighter IV’s C. Viper, an undercover agent for the CIA. Widowmaker certainly looks cool and professional in Viper’s S.I.N. battle suit.

With Tracer’s optimistic personality in mind, it’s no wonder that Grimmancer gave her a version of Sakura’s classic schoolgirl uniform, as both characters are known for being cheerful yet fierce fighters.

Capcom / Blizzard
With her cool demeanor, it makes sense that Grimmancer would pair C. Viper with Widowmaker.

Thanks to Moira’s status as a Talon operative, it makes sense that she would be the one to receive Juri Han’s dudou and Taekwondo pants, as Juri herself once worked under Shadaloo’s M. Bison after losing her eye to the dictator.

Grimmancer even gave Cammy’s doll uniform to D.Va, while they chose Menat’s all-seeing outfit for Symmetra, rounding out the cast to six female fighters, as of Mei’s Chun-Li crossover.

Capcom, Blizzard
With Symmetra’s unique abilities in mind, pairing her with the orb-wielding Menat seems to be a perfect match.

While Blizzard has yet to make a fighting game of their own, Overwatch does boast ‘Fighters of the Storm’ in the arcade cabinets that litter its spawn rooms – but we have to admit that a Street Fighter x Overwatch game could be a blast.