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Overwatch director teases “really big” systems & features coming soon

Published: 29/Apr/2021 21:47

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch’s new Game Director, Aaron Keller, has teased that some huge new systems and features will be coming to the game in a future update.

For over a year, Overwatch has gone without any new heroes, modes or features as its sequel continues to be developed.

Now, with Jeff Kaplan having departed Blizzard, Keller has taken over for his former boss – and says fans won’t have long to wait for something very special to be added to the game.

In an interview with GameSpot, Keller was asked about the new features that he had previously mentioned in a message to the community when Jeff announced he was leaving the company.


Tracer looks on very concerned
Blizzard Entertainment
Aaron Keller has teased massive new Overwatch features.

“I’ll do my best to speak around it and not leak it ahead of time,” he warned, but still gave some pretty interesting tidbits about what the update could entail.

“There are really big features and systems coming soon. As big as anything we’ve built for this game, and the amount of resources that we’ve poured into these has been massive across almost every aspect of our team to do it,” he explained.

The fact that it will be as big as anything else to come before it really speaks volumes, as this implies the new features are on par with role-queue in size and scope.


Unfortunately, he didn’t give us a time frame for when those features will be released, but it’s safe to say he wouldn’t be bringing them up if they weren’t close.

“Those will be coming out soon. I don’t have a date that I can announce right now. Hopefully, it’s something that we’ll be able to start talking about sometime in the near future, but I am very excited for them and I can’t wait to see people’s reactions,” he added.

As for what the new system could be, YouTuber YourOverwatch made a fantastic point about how a leaked clan system of sorts was inadvertently revealed at BlizzCon.


Overwatch 2 clan system
Blizzard Entertainment
Could a clan system finally be coming to Overwatch?

Official posts on the Overwatch website showed off the words “Clan C9” in the top right of the screen where the player name normally goes.

A clan system wasn’t even announced at BlizzCon, but the leaked images suggest it is coming. Plus, it could bring in a whole bunch of new features with it, such as a tournament mode or even team queue.

With the Overwatch Anniversary the next event on the calendar, that could end up being a prime time to unveil these new features. We’ll have to see what the future holds, and with how Keller is hyping it up, we can’t wait to see what they end up being.