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Overwatch devs respond to bug making Echo’s Duplicate less powerful

Published: 14/Jul/2020 19:26

by Michael Gwilliam


Echo’s Duplicate is one of the most powerful Ultimates in Overwatch, but it seems to have a bug that can really hurt her survivability and make friendly supports waste their time healing her.

Duplicate lets Echo briefly transform into any hero on the enemy team and build their Ultimate very quickly. During this time, it’s not uncommon for the enemy to focus the Echo and use all sorts of cooldowns and abilities on her.

One popular tool to deal with Echo is Ana’s Biotic Grenade. Biotic Grenade is probably the most multi-purpose ability in Overwatch. It heals allies, damages foes, buffs healing received by 50%, and denies healing for enemies.

When enemies are hit with a Biotic Grenade, they turn “purple” for a short time, indicating that they cannot be healed. That said, for teammates of an Echo who is using Duplicate, not all supports can see this effect.

Echo uses Focusing Beam in Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Echo is Overwatch newest hero.

In a post on the Competitive Overwatch Subreddit, user Bumblebeeji noted that aside from Mercy and Zenyatta (who have a distinct user interfaces) supports can’t tell if the duplicated Echo had been hit with a Biotic Grenade.

As a result, teammates could end up wasting healing resources on the Echo while completely unaware that she isn’t actually getting HP back.

“If you’re pumping heals into your Echo and nothing is happening, this might be why. Probably a good idea to ask your Echo to communicate if they are naded,” Bumblebeeji wrote.

Mercy knows Echo is naded in Overwatch
Mercy’s UI lets her know the Echo has been hit by a Biotic Grenade.

This bug could also be a big deal for heroes like Zarya who can use their Projected Barrier to cleanse the anti-heal effect. Not knowing their Echo had been hit by the grenade, however, poses a major problem.

Luckily, the developers took note of this post and responded that they’re looking into it.

“Thanks for posting, we’ll check it out,” lead software engineer Bill Warnecke said.

So far, there’s no estimated fix for this bug, but at least they’re investigating it so hopefully, we’ll see a fix by the time the next patch rolls along.


Overwatch Oct 28 update makes Sombra more consistent than ever

Published: 29/Oct/2020 1:26 Updated: 29/Oct/2020 2:08

by Brad Norton


The October 28 Overwatch update has arrived and the latest patch comes with a ton of critical bug fixes, many of which will give Sombra mains a huge sigh of relief.

Blizzard has been on a hot streak with major quality of life improvements over the past few days. On Oct. 20, it was Wrecking Ball and Lucio that received some much-needed changes. A few days later, on Oct. 22, multiple heroes had their health adjusted.

Now, it’s time for Sombra players to rejoice as the latest update is almost entirely for them. While a ton of bug fixes were in focus this time around, it’s clear that Sombra was Blizzard’s top priority for this patch.

If you’ve been avoiding the hero, now is the time to jump back in with your favorite hacker. Here’s everything there is to know about the latest Overwatch update.

Overwatch Sombra Translocator
Sombra’s Translocator was at the top of the list in the latest Overwatch patch.

Sombra is the only hero that received changes in the October 28 patch notes. Everything else on the list purely focused on general bug fixes. Two main changes for the Damage dealer should make her life easier than ever.

First up, a rare Translocator bug was squashed. Seemingly at random, her teleporting ability could go on its full six-second cooldown if it was destroyed while being used. As with most abilities in Overwatch, if they’re taken out the split moment in which they’re triggered, the game often refunds them right away. Sombra’s translocator should now function just the same.

Moreover, if you’re invisible with the hero, you can now rely on her intel more than ever before. Sombra is supposed to be notified when an enemy spots her while cloaked. That hadn’t been the case from time to time due to a pesky bug. Though the brand new update has completely fixed this issue. 

No matter where you are or how many opposing players spot you, you will now be properly alerted when enemies are onto the case.

Sombra gameplay
Sombra-mains will have a far simpler time while invisible moving forward.

Among the other changes were plenty of fixes for the Workshop mode. Funnily enough, if Sombra is more than double her normal size for whatever reason, she’ll be detected properly in that form too.

The full list of changes in the October 28 patch can be found below.



  • Fixed a bug that would cause colorblind friendly names for duel and elimination game modes to not appear properly



  • Fixed a rare bug where Sombra’s translocator could be on cooldown after use if it was shot at the same time it was used
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Sombra to not receive a detect notification when being seen or receive a detect notification without being seen by an enemy


  • Fixed a bug where Workshop Setting Combo failed to paste when using the non-default option
  • Fixed a bug where presets/codes would fail to import when created using older versions of Workshop Setting Int/Real/Toggle
  • Fixed a bug where Player Stat and Player Hero Stat would not work in the Conditions of a Rule
  • Fixed a bug where having a high number of dormant Conditions and Actions would have a worse impact on server load than usual
  • Fixed a bug where an expensive Condition in a Wait Until action could continue to affect server load after the action finished
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Start Camera or Start Facing actions on the same player could interfere with each other, causing some not to work
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sombra to not be detected properly when scaled over twice as large