Overwatch cosplayer recreates Genji’s Oni skin with perfect accuracy

Brent Koepp

A talented Overwatch fan has brought Genji’s legendary ‘Oni’ skin to life with one of the most realistic cosplays we’ve ever seen.

Overwatch first released in 2016, and quickly became a phenomenon as players become attached to the hero shooter’s diverse cast of characters to choose from, which even influenced games like Apex Legends.

Cosplayer ‘vitaliy_joiner’ showed off their take on the damage per-second hero Genji, and it’s so realistic that it looks like the ninja jumped straight out of the game and into real life, as the insane amount of detail in his costume pays off.

Blizzard EntertainmentGenji’s Oni skin is inspired by Japanese folk tales.

Genji brought to life

Genji’s Oni skin gives the cyborg ninja hero a traditional costume with a mask based off Japanese folklore, and has been a fan favorite since the game’s release. An incredibly talented cosplayer went to great lengths to bring the outfit to life.

A Reddit user named ‘tophwei‘ first posted a photo of the artist in action to the site, showcasing just how accurate the costume is, which then drew attention to the cosplayer’s Instagram page. The outfit faithfully re-creates the Oni mask to every detail, and even uses lights in the eyes to make them glow red.

Vitaliy_joiner had more photos of the Overwatch costume on their Instagram, where they showed off the design of his armor, including the blades on his shoulder pads, and his arms.

Just as impressive, the designer also used lights similar to the mask to make the sharp edges of his armor light up red, including the talisman in the middle of his belt and sash.

According to the Reddit post, the cosplayer had made the whole costume by hand and it took him over 300 hours to do, which shows given the amount of detail that has gone into the piece.

Vitaliy has other insanely detailed cosplays on his Instagram, including characters from The Witcher 3 and Destiny 2 – each of them showing off the designer’s amazing skills and talent.

The cosplayer will be sure to be turning heads at conventions as the cosplay is so lifelike, it looks like Genji has actually come to life.

The outfit is the perfect celebration for Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch, which releases on handheld for the very first time on October 15.