Top 10 best My Hero Academia cosplays


My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime series right now, and while we wait for the new chapter to be released on October 12, it’s a good time to check out some of the best cosplays inspired by the hit Japanese show.

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My Hero Academia is set in high school for heroes with special powers (or quirks, as they are known). It follows Izuku Midoriya, who dreams of becoming a hero, despite having no quirks himself.

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It is absolutely brilliant, and as you can see from the incredibly accurate outfits below, is ripe for cosplaying.

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10. Mina ‘Pinky’ Ashido

Pinky, also known as the Ridley Hero: Alien Queen, is a 16-year-old student from Class 1-A. Her ‘Acid’ Quirk allows her to control the substance and use it to attack, but is also why the hero takes on a pink, alien-like appearance.

Cosplayer CutiePieSensei captured Pinky’s spirit perfectly with her replica costume of the schoolgirl, getting her pink skin color down to a T. The talented artist also styled the hair and the horns with incredible accuracy.

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9. Izuku ‘Deku’ Midoriya

Midoriya is My Hero Academia’s main protagonist, and was born Quirkless until number one hero All Might gave him his power. The U.A. High School student’s superhero name is ‘Deku’, and he uses the Quirk ‘One For All’ to deal insane damage to opponents.

Lorentz Iwood from Iwood Cosplay has done a great job of recreating Deku’s iconic supersuit and messy green hair, finishing off the outfit in style with the hero’s metal mouthpiece around his neck. This is a perfect Midoriya cosplay. right down to the pose.

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8. All Might (true form)

All Might was widely regarded as the series’ number one hero for the longest time, bearing the title of the world’s Symbol of Peace. He is the Foundational Hero Studies teacher at the hero school, and passed his Quirk onto Izuku Midoriya.

When not in his hero form, All Might looks rugged and thin, having received permanent damage after being involved in a fight. Kuroshiba Cosplay decided to go with this form for their outfit, rather than the hero’s costumed one, and it’s an incredibly accurate rendition. The baggy clothing really accentuates just how frail the hero is, and brings his form to life.

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7. Katsuki Bakugo

Bakugo is one of the anime’s more aggressive heroes, and is known for his powerful ‘Explosion’ Quirk. He grew up alongside Midoriya, who he often bullied for being Quirkless, and now begrudgingly attends U.A. High with him.

Talented artist Simon ‘simons.aliens’ captured Bakugo’s combative nature with this epic cosplay, even adding smoky eye makeup to emphasize the dark look. The hero’s blonde hair pulls together the look perfectly, as he truly looks like he’s just walked straight out of the TV show.

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6. Toru ‘Invisible Girl’ Hagakure

Toru, also known as the Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl, is a completely invisible hero who is only shown as a pair of clothes walking around with no body. She takes her clothing off completely in battle, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting enemies.

Aicosu ‘Aicosplays’ managed to pull off one of the most interesting renditions of the unseeable girl, appearing as just a floating school uniform. While it’s unclear just how they managed to achieve such a crazy cosplay (they previously stated on Twitter that it wasn’t with the use of a green screen) Aicosu completely nailed it.

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5. Fumikage ‘Tsukuyomi’ Tokoyami

Tsukuyomi’s Quirk is named ‘Dark Shadow’, and it gives his head the appearance of a large black bird while still keeping his human body. His power allows the hero to send out a sentient shadow beast to attack enemies, but also to defend himself against attacks.

Featherfall Masks recreated Toko’s bird head in a realistic style, and it gives off a creepy, yet somehow absolutely amazing vibe. The feathers bring a new meaning to ‘accuracy’ and really make it feel as though he’s soared right out of the show and into real life.

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4. Tsuyu ‘Froppy’ Asui

Tsuyu, known as Froppy the Rainy Season hero, has the slight appearance of a frog due to her ‘Frog’ Quirk that gives her a large tongue and the ability to hop around on all-fours. She is also a 1-A student at U.A., and dons a pair of large goggles when wearing her superhero costume.

Silver Lining Cosplay is a real-life relationship duo, with the female cosplaying Froppy frequently. Her outfit is so accurate, with the goggles and the large, realistic frog feet being highlights. She gets the details on the suit down perfectly, nailing the intricate details on the legs.

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3. Shota ‘Eraser Head’ Aizawa

Eraser Head is a teacher at the hero school, and is also a Pro hero who specialises in Quirk ‘Erasure’ – a power that can temporarily annul the ability of anyone he looks at. He is also the homeroom teacher of class 1-A, so he works closely with heroes like Midoriya, Bakugo, and Froppy.

Taiwanese cosplayer Shu Masumi brought Eraser’s stern personality to life with a crazy rendition of the Pro hero. Not only did they include his classic goggles that he uses alongside his ability, but they also brought his Capturing Weapon to life, which allows the teacher to immobilize targets and bind foes.

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2. All Might (hero form)

While All Might’s true form is creepy-looking due to his accident, the hero’s costumed form makes him look majestic and mighty – a fitting appearance for someone who was once the best superhero in the world.

The other half of cosplay duo Silver Linings Cosplay pulled off the best All Might recreation that we’ve possibly ever seen with his insanely detailed costume. The whole thing has been cel-shaded to give it that anime feel, right down to the contoured makeup on his face, and it truly feels as though the lines between TV show and real life have been blurred.

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1. Ochaco ‘Uravity’ Uraraka

Uraraka, also known as Uravity, is a master of Zero Gravity. She uses her Quirk to manipulate gravity with her hands, making objects weightless. The female hero comes from a poor household, and wanted to become a Pro to help out her parents in order to give them a comfortable life.

Talented cosplayer GhostieeMuffinnCosplay takes the top spot on our list. While the costume is spot-on in its accuracy, the best part of it is the bubble wand that is used to create the helmet with such creativity. The makeup and the hair also ties the whole thing together beautifully. In fact, we loved this design so much, we wrote an entire article on it.

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