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Overwatch Contenders EU Team Clutches Key Match with Epic Bastion Strategy

Published: 1/Aug/2018 4:53 Updated: 1/Aug/2018 4:55

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch Contenders EU team Orgless and Hungry pulled out an epic Bastion strategy to clutch a game on Ilios against British Hurricane.

In the fifth map of a best-of-five, Orgless and Hungry used an unconventional Bastion tactic to win the map and defeat the Season One champions.

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Bastion has perhaps most powerful raw damage output in the game, not only dealing immensely high DPS but also sustaining it for three hundred bullets at a time between reloads.

Such damage capacity has to come with a downside, however, and for Bastion this is incredibly low mobility even when moving – with no abilities to achieve extra verticality and a slow movement speed – as well as the need to remain stationary to deal that immense damage from his minigun.


In short, Bastion is difficult to position and vulnerable once positioned, but if you can manage to overcome those two obstacles he can be one of the most devastating heroes in the game.

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When they needed a crucial win over British Hurricane, Orgless and Hungry came up with a novel strategy to do just that. Playing on Ilios: Well, Orgless and Hungry’s Casper ‘Caspere’ Elvelid used Bastion’s ultimate, Configuration: Tank, to rocket jump his way to otherwise-inaccessible high-ground.

Rocket-jumping uses the recoil from an explosive weapon – like Pharah or Soldier: 76’s rockets, or in this case Bastion’s cannon – to gain extra height while jumping. Using this technique, Caspere was able to get to a spot on top of the building looking over the point.


From here Bastion had free range to tear into the enemy, while they struggled to dislodge him. Orgless and Hungry ultimately won the point and thus the series with this play.

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For British Hurricane, the loss meant elimination from Season Two of Overwatch Contenders EU. The team needed a win in order to clinch a playoff spot, and with the loss finish fifth in their group, short of the top-four needed to advance to the playoffs.

As a result of their placement, the Season One champions, Academy team of the Overwatch League champions London Spitfire, will have to reclaim their spot in Season Three of Contenders EU through Contenders Trials.