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London Spitfire’s Bdosin Doubles Down on Overwatch League Grand Finals Trash Talk

Published: 1/Aug/2018 4:22 Updated: 1/Aug/2018 4:24

by Joe O'Brien


London Spitfire’s Choi ‘Bdosin’ Seung-tae has doubled down on his trash talk of the Philadelphia Fusion after defeating them in the Overwatch League grand finals.

In an interview with the Daily Mail Bdosin once again took aim at the Fusion, repeating his previous sentiments about the quality of his grand finals opponents.

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London Spitfire took down the Philadelphia Fusion fairly easily in the grand finals, only losing a single map and dominating the second series in particular to win the match and the trophy.

In the Spitfire’s post-victory press conference, Bdosin added insult to injury, commenting on how easy the win had been.


“I didn’t think it would be this easy. I hope next year we play against a stronger team.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail in the wake of the result, Bdosin made sure to clarify that the disrespect was very much intentional, stating “I like trash talking bad players.”

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While Bdosin certainly wasn’t holding back, he did also clarify that his motivation for trash talking came primarily from the entertainment factor, stating that it was something that all players can suffer if they don’t perform, including himself.

He also ended on a note of self-awareness, saying “’I’m worried about my confidence being too big. I can feel my ego growing. I need to keep it in check.’


Bdosin will be back in action at the Overwatch League All-Stars event, where he will be a substitute for the Atlantic Division team, behind regular season MVP Bang ‘JJoNak’ Sung-hyeon as the team’s starting flex support.