How to earn Stars & unlock Overwatch Archives 2021 weekly challenge skins

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Overwatch has introduced a whole new way to unlock the weekly challenge skins for Archives 2021. Instead of winning a set amount of games, players will now have to collect Stars, and we’ve got all the info you’ll need on this new mechanic.

By now we’re all pretty used to the exclusive weekly skins that come with practically every event. In the past, these challenges have required players to win nine total games to unlock limited time skins, but that won’t be the case for Archives 2021.

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In the latest Overwatch event, Blizzard is getting rid of the old system for a brand new one based on collecting “Stars” Super Mario 64-style.

Lucio, Zenyatta, and Mercy — in that order — are the three heroes getting weekly challenges this event, and the rewards are still based on a three-tier system.

To unlock these cosmetics, you’ll need to earn Stars like we mentioned. Stars can be gained by completing Archives missions, and you don’t even have to finish or succeed at the mission to get some, even though successful runs will net you much more.

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Each week, a different Archives mission will offer double Stars, and you can earn even more by playing on higher difficulties or the different Challenge variants. Since you’re earning Stars even when you technically lose, this might actually unlock the items even quicker than the old way.

The different weekly tiers are listed down below:

  • 10 Stars — Player Icon
  • 20 Stars — Spray
  • 30 Stars — Epic Skin

It remains to be seen if this will be the new standard going forward with events, or if we’ll go back to the old win-based system going into future events.

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Archives has plenty of different PvE missions to play through and earn stars, so it shouldn’t be too much of a grind. But, when it comes to something like Summer Games or Halloween Terror, would we have to just slog through nothing but Lucioball and Junkenstein’s Revenge matches to get them? Because that could get old real quick.

It is good to see Overwatch switching things up though, and we could see stars incorporated more when it comes to the sequel, but only time will tell there. For now, get into some missions and earn some Stars before the limited-time skins slip through your fingers for good.

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