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Overwatch: Brigitte’s ultimate broken by major bug

Published: 10/Sep/2019 14:39 Updated: 10/Sep/2019 15:19

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch players have highlighted a major bug that can prevent Brigitte’s ‘Rally’ ultimate ability from affecting teammates properly.

Rally can be a very powerful defensive ability, granting up to 100 armor to both Brigitte and her allies. That extra armor both functions as effective healing for low-health teammates, which enemies must burn through to take them down, but also stacks on top for allies with full health, making it valuable to use preemptively as well.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that there’s a bug which can prevent the ability from affecting Brigitte’s teammates as it should, even if they are clearly visible to the Brigitte player and well within the ability’s effective radius, as u/MightyyDan demonstrates.

New Brigitte Rally Bug from r/Overwatch

Although u/MightyyDan has publicized this issue recently, it’s actually been in the game for quite some time. In fact, Overwatch player Andy GMB actually identified it over a year ago in May 2018, revealing that objects such as the payload can block the ability.

The issue appears to be that Brigitte’s Rally requires a direct line-of-sight to allies in order to affect them, but the sightline is calculated from her feet, rather than from the point of view that the player sees. As a result, small edges like stairs can block line-of-sight despite the player clearly seeing their teammate.

This isn’t the only ability that can be neutralized by small changes in elevation, such as stairs. Abilities that deal splash damage or healing – most notably Baptiste’s grenades – can also be neutralized if they land on stairs in such a way that their “line of sight” to nearby targets is blocked.

Given how long this bug seems to have been in the game, there’s no indication that Blizzard are going to fix it any time soon. In the meantime, Brigitte players will simply have to keep it in mind and try to make sure there aren’t any obstacles such as stairs between them and their teammates when they use their ultimate.


Overwatch players demand fix for controversial Halloween map

Published: 21/Oct/2020 19:49

by Michael Gwilliam


It’s Halloween time again, and that means the Overwatch Halloween Terror event is in full swing – and with it come some unique map changes on Eichenwalde, Blizzard World, and Hollywood. However, not everyone is on board with the new decorations.

While the maps may look nice with their Halloween horror makeover, there are some significant issues with them, primarily on Eichenwalde streets phase.

The German hybrid map can be one of the more challenging points for attackers, as they need to push the payload up a narrow bridge towards the castle.

At this juncture, players used to the normal version of the map tend to use abilities that boop opponents to secure environmental kills. Sadly, the Halloween variant makes doing so nearly impossible right by the left-side doors.

The Halloween version of Eichenwalde places a fence that prevents players from being booped off the map. Normally, Winston players will activate their Primal Rage ultimate and knock enemies off the map as they push from out of the left doors to contest the point.

23-year-old South Korean tank main Sang-hoon ‘Kaiser’ Ryu took to Twitter to voice his frustration with the map’s redesign.

“3 years and this fence still exists in this Halloween map,” he said, posting a picture of the annoying fence. “Am I the only person who complains about this?”

Other players agreed with Kaiser. “The fact that the event maps make actual changes to the map that alter the gameplay is pretty dumb in a competitive game,” one replied.

The complaints aren’t anything new either. Famously, former Overwatch League pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel raged after the fence prevented him from knocking a Zarya off the map.

Halloween Sombra on Overwatch's Hollywood
Blizzard Entertainment
The changes to Hollywood are not as controversial.

While it’s nice to have special event versions of maps, as xQc noted in his clip, the competitive integrity of the game is damaged by major changes such as this.

Hopefully, Blizzard takes note of this when Overwatch 2 is released or Halloween 2021 rolls around and finally tears the fence down.