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Overwatch’s Bastion insane ultimate ability was removed in early development

Published: 8/Nov/2019 18:59 Updated: 8/Nov/2019 19:42

by Meg Bethany Koepp


An insane clip from Overwatch’s early development days shows that Bastion was originally planned to have a completely different ultimate ability, and proves just why it was changed.

Bastion is one of Overwatch’s most popular damage-per-second heroes due to his ability to melt through armor and shields in just a few seconds – pair him with Orisa and Mercy, and you’ve got yourself a formidable combo.

The robot’s ultimate ability is excellent for taking out DPS and healer enemies with one hit, but did you know that he originally had a completely different move during the game’s early development phase?

Bastion’s original ultimate ability

A clip uploaded to Twitter on November 8 by infamous Overwatch insider Naeri details the hero’s initial ultimate, and displays it in all its deadly glory.

Fittingly named “Remote Mine”, the powerful move shows Bastion deploying a small mine that is controlled and positioned by the player – think Call of Duty’s Recon Car.

Once placed accordingly, it flattens out to appear less visible to enemies before rising up and detonating multiple small explosions to cause maximum devastation once a foe enters its radius.

While the robot’s original ultimate was undoubtedly crazy, it was canned during early development due to balance issues – AKA it was way too powerful. You can imagine the outrage if it had been left in.

For some, the unearthing of Bastion’s initial ability will be old information, as it’s always been a known ‘secret’ amongst the most knowledgeable Overwatch fans, but many regular players were shocked by the news.

There was even an ultimate icon made for the ability, and it showed a logo of the remote-controlled mine with its six deadly points.

This wasn’t the only ability that Bastion once had early in development, either. The Omnic hero once had a shield in Turret mode during the beta, though this was removed quite early on. 

Gamepedia / Blizzard EntertainmentThe icon for Bastion’s Remote Mine.

Since Overwatch 2’s announcement on November 1 during BlizzCon 2019’s opening ceremony, fans of the first-person shooter have been eager to find out what changes their favorite heroes will undergo in the sequel.

Bastion is just one of the heroes who will be receiving a new look, though his redesign was only briefly shown off in a piece of key art at the convention.


Cheeky Overwatch trick lets Baby D.Va score environmental kills

Published: 26/Nov/2020 19:30

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch players looking to find a new lethal tactic with D.Va should look no further than this trick to surprise and tilt enemy teams.

Since 2016, Overwatch fans have taken highly to the hero D.Va, sporting countless cosplays, creating art, buying merchandise, you name it. Part of the reason for this is just how stylish the gamer-turned-mech pilot is.

As it turns out, however, even outside of her pink mech, D.Va can pack a punch and even eliminate any enemy hero in the game if the opportunity presents itself.

Most people know that D.Va’s Call Mech ability does a bit of damage if you use it directly on top of an enemy player, but not everyone realizes it also has knockback capabilities.

D.va from Overwatch looking cool
Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va is one of the most popular heroes, in and out of mech.

Boops can be one of the best ways in Overwatch to quickly deal with enemies regardless of their HP. Anyone from Roadhog to even Tracer (especially if limited by cooldowns) can fall victim to a well-timed push off the edge of a map.

As Reddit user ‘eregis’ showed, despite being at a disadvantage against a Soldier 76 who put down his Biotic Field for health restoration, the confrontation ended in their favor thanks to the knockback of Call Mech.

While on Rialto, the D.Va player had the Call Mech ability ready, but waited a bit to activate it. First, the player lured the enemy Soldier 76 to a bit of an unfavorable position on Rialto with his back to the water.

After getting the victim close enough to the ledge, the D.Va used Call Mech and sent 76 off the map and to his demise.

Of course, this trick is a bit of a high-risk play. Baby D.Va is tied with Tracer for the lowest-health hero in the game at only 150. However, unlike Tracer, D.Va does haven’t Blink or Recall to get out of tricky situations, so being able to time the Call Mech perfectly can be tough.

Next time you find yourself as Baby D.Va and an opportunity presents itself, try to see if you can secure frags with this ability. Your opponents will never see it coming.