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Overwatch 2 character comparison – new hero models

Published: 7/Nov/2019 16:02 Updated: 8/Nov/2019 9:14

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch heroes are set to get a new look in Overwatch 2, with the game introducing new base character models.

The sequel to Blizzard’s popular hero shooter was officially revealed at BlizzCon, showing off the direction that the game will be going in the future.

While the main attraction of the new title will undoubtedly be the new content it offers, with the game set to focus on story and PvE modes far more than Overwatch has done so far, one of the changes coming to the new title is updated character models for the heroes.

It seems each hero in the game is set to get a new default look, and while some of the changes are fairly subtle, others are immediately noticeable.

Blizzard hasn’t showed off the new looks for all of the game’s heroes yet, but for Overwatch players who are keen to see how things are going to change, here’s a comparison between the new character models that we’ve seen and their original Overwatch counterparts.


Blizzard EntertainmetnLeft: Overwatch, Right: Overwatch 2

The changes to Lúcio are largely in color – his armor remains very similar, but the previously dominant purple has been matched with darker sections. Aside from that, the Brazilian DJ also seems to have dyed his hair green.


Blizzard EntertainmentLeft: Overwatch, Right: Overwatch 2

Again, Mercy’s look remains more or less the same in structure, with the most noticeable differences being in color, in particular with extra gold highlights throughout.


Blizzard EntertainmentLeft: Overwatch, Right: Overwatch 2

Reinhardt’s crusader armor has been given an update, with some yellow thrown in to offset the previous iron monotone. The most significant change, however, is that in Overwatch 2 Reinhardt will not wear his helmet by default.


Blizzard EntertainmentLeft: Overwatch, Right: Overwatch 2

At a glance, Winston’s Overwatch 2 look is very similar to his original, although if you look at the details there are some changes. Most significantly, his jump pack has been updated – although new Winston is also sporting an Overwatch logo on his shoulder, subtly redesigned armor, and even a new hair and beard style.


Blizzard EntertainmentLeft: Overwatch, Right: Overwatch 2

Like Winston, you have to look at the details to really notice the changes to Tracer in Overwatch 2. She’s sporting slightly updated leggings, a new design for her chronal accelerator, and the forearm holsters for her pulse pistols have been removed. She’s also got a new jacket, slightly sleeker goggles, and even some new shoes.


Blizzard EntertainmentLeft: Overwatch, Right: Overwatch 2

The change in Genji is perhaps the most significant of the lot – so far, at least. The cold, hard cyborg ninja can now be seen wearing a tracksuit into battle, a distinctly humanizing look which might hint that Genji’s journey to accepting his enhanced body could feature as part of the Overwatch 2 narrative, especially as the trailer reveals he will return to his mentor Zenyatta.


Blizzard EntertainmentLeft: Overwatch, Right: Overwatch 2

Mei’s model remains largely the same, but having returned from the antarctic, it seems she no longer needs all of her cold-weather kit. Her coat isn’t as thick, and her boots no longer have built-in crampons. 


Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan explains how Priority Pass will fix queue times

Published: 16/Nov/2020 23:07

by Bill Cooney


Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan revealed a new system headed to the game that will hopefully help to cut down on queue times in his latest developer update.

The big Overwatch news this week is of course Symmetra’s Restoration Challenge, which will reward players with a brand new skin for the hero if they get nine wins between Nov. 17 and 30.

After filling us in on the latest story and event, Jeff revealed a brand new role queue feature that will hopefully cut down on wait times by basically offering players a way to get ahead in line.

Called the Priority Pass, Jeff explained that by going in role queue as a Flex player you’ll earn a pass that grants you a shorter wait time for a certain role.

Ashe Overwatch group
Blizzard Entertainment
Queuing Flex for any role will earn you quicker DPS times.

“If we’re being honest and direct with each other, that’s probably the Damage (DPS) role,” Kaplan laughed. “When you enter the Flex queue, you are in essence queuing for every role available — Tank, Support, Damage — and the game will put you into the role that is currently most needed to speed up queue times for everyone.”

As an extra incentive, players who win matches while in the Flex role will receive extra Priority Passes. You’ll still get them if you lose too, just not as many. Players will be limited to a maximum of 40 passes at any given time as well.

Timestamp at 2:35 for mobile viewers.


“This [40] is a number that might change, we might tune this differently,” Jeff added. “The goal of the system is to speed up queue times for everybody, and the way this is done is by highly encouraging the behavior that people queue for as many roles as possible, that’s the way to make the queue move as fast as possible.”

We don’t know exactly when this update will be going live, but Jeff did say it would be headed to the PTR “soon” before coming to the main game, so we’d keep an eye out for it sometime in the next few weeks.

Long queue times have been the bane of Role Queue’s existence since the system was introduced to Overwatch. Whether or not Priority Pass will end up cutting down on DPS waits remains to be seen, but at this point, DPS players are probably willing to give anything a try.