Overwatch artists create amazing Barista skin concepts for Ashe and B.O.B.

Bill Cooney

Overwatch fans love coming up with crazy and unique skin ideas for their favorite heroes, and lately Ashe and her sidekick B.O.B. have been particularly popular.

Ashe and B.O.B. were introduced at BlizzCon 2018, became instant fan favorites and have since served as inspiration for plenty of great concept art.

After Reddit user darkdill wrote that they thought Ashe and B.O.B. would make great barista’s, several different users took the idea and ran with it.


Just a few hours after darkdill’s post, user Snoween replied with a still unfinished concept of Ashe and B.O.B. who look like they’re ready for a shift at the local Starbucks.

Even though Snoween’s piece is still unfinished, it’s pretty great, especially B.O.B.’s slightly terrifying smiling face. He really seems to like making coffee.

Just a day later, user PegasusTenma came out with their own take on barista Ashe and B.O.B., with a great hipster flair.


Turns out all Ashe needs is a small change of headwear to turn into the quintessential hipster barista stereotype.

B.O.B. looks like he just got back from the Co-op with a beanie and a full, flowing beard that look so perfect, Blizzard might want to seriously consider giving the pair a “Hipster” or “Barista” Legendary skin, maybe for this year’s Archives or Anniversary event?

Even if the pair don’t get real skins like this anytime soon, the idea of B.O.B. serving up lattes while Ashe shouts at him is too funny not to laugh at.

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