Overwatch 2’s lack of support players is resulting in unbalanced ranked matches

baptiste in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are not happy with the game’s matchmaking, blaming a lack of supports for putting low-ranked players in high ELO games.

All sorts of Overwatch 2 players from a variety of ranks are calling on Blizzard to do something about the game’s matchmaking as matches are becoming completely unbalanced.

The new ranked system in Overwatch 2 has left quite a lot to be desired with players now forced to either win 7 games or lose 20 before seeing if they went up or down a tier.

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While many players have taken issue with the new system having been placed lower than their skill suggests, the matchmaking itself is being plagued by a lack of supports.

Overwatch 2 players fed up with unbalanced Competitive matches

Across Reddit, support and non-support players alike blamed OW2’s matchmaking for their woes, claiming they were being put in games with people of a completely different skill.

“The lack of people queueing support is causing the MM to throw supports into any game almost instantly with little regard for team balance in SR,” a Diamond player explained.

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Kiriko in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
Despite Kiriko’s addition, Overwatch 2 has a big support problem.

Backing up these claims, the Redditor revealed that they’d been tracking their teammates’ SR over a dozen matches and had a total of 9 Gold players, 27 Platinum players and just 12 in Diamond.

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“There’s such a massive lack of supports queening it seems that as soon as one enters the queue the matchmaker puts them in a game almost immediately with little attempt to keep the team SR within a reasonable range,” they noted.

OW2 support players flamed after placed in GM lobbies

The problem extends to supports as well who are equally as unhappy being put in games where they’re out of their depth.

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“I placed Diamond 2 and seemingly every match I get put into high Master/GM games and get flamed for not being a high Master/GM level support player,” one remarked. “I’m just so sick of it and can’t think of anything I can do about it.”

Zenyatta trick with trancBlizzard Entertainment
Lower-ranked Supports are tired of being put in high ELO lobbies.

So far, Blizzard has yet to respond to these concerns, but matchmaking is hardly the only issue with the hero shooter at the moment.

Despite bouncing back from a rocky launch, the casual player base has slammed the sequel’s expensive cosmetics costing fans over $20 for just a single “scam” Holloween skin.

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We’ll have to wait and see if the developers can address these complaints in the days ahead as more and more players grow frustrated.

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