Overwatch 2 devs hint at upcoming changes to Zenyatta, Sojourn and Roadhog

Alan Bernal
overwatch 2 roadhog

The next batch of Overwatch 2 characters in line for a change looks to be Zenyatta, Sojourn, and Roadhog, all of which might need tweaking before the game fully releases.

Blizzard have been systematically collecting feedback and planning changes to OW2 in order to have a solid foundation by the time it’s set to go live on October 4. This has so far produced long-requested features for the game as well as revamping characters like Moira.

It’s even giving the devs ample time to prepare for the worst like long queue times for trying out the latest character, Junker Queen, and recent changes to Mercy and Symmetra.

But Overwatch 2 is promising to change the game in a lot of ways, so the studio is running through its list of to-do items to deliver the best experience possible.

overwatch 2 soujourn zenyatta
Blizzard has a few more balance changes to make before Overwatch 2 goes live.

As such, Blizzard clued in their fans on upcoming targets they’re eyeing to smooth out in terms of gameplay and balance tuning ahead of the full OW2 launch.

For one, Roadhog has been testing well since the devs debuted his new ultimate changes but there are still improvements to be done. It sounds like Blizzard wants to clean its rough edges in terms of actually using the move, so minor tweaks should be expected.

They signaled how they want to make it feel more “intuitive and polished” to use, rather than that players have already gotten to try out.

Meanwhile, Zenyatta and Sojourn may have debuted a bit too strong for Blizzard’s liking. The team thinks both characters “may need to be tuned down” a bit, but didn’t specify exactly what they want to change.

sojourn overwatch 2
One of Overwatch 2’s newest characters, Sojourn, could get slight balance changes in the coming months.

Until we get more details, it’s reasonable to expect regular balance tuning for abilities and stats instead of wholesale changes to their respective kits.

In any case, Blizzard is on the home stretch before Overwatch 2 releases to the masses and there could be more changes on the way soon.