Overwatch 2 Hero Designer reveals Pharah revamp coming after Roadhog & Sombra reworks

Michael Gwilliam
pharah in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 developers have confirmed that big changes are coming to Pharah in the future after the team has finished with Season 7’s Roadhog and Sombra reworks.

Upgrades to heroes in Overwatch 2 have been fairly common with Sombra getting a sizable change in the upcoming Season 7 patch on October 10, but she’s not the only character the devs are looking at.

Roadhog’s rework is still set to release by the mid-season patch and after that, it seems like they already have their next target picked out: the aerial DPS Pharah.

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During a developer discussion on Twitch, RubenSargasm asked Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson about other heroes that they plan to make large changes to and confirmed that Pharah is already getting looked at internally.

Pharah locked in for next big Overwatch 2 hero revamp

Although Dawson made it clear that Pharah would not be getting reworked the same way Roadhog and Sombra have, he admitted that the rocket queen would be getting some significant adjustments.

“We’re looking at how to change a little bit of her playstyle. Her feathering playstyle, like floating, feathering up above,” he said. “We want to make that more engaging in the horizontal space.”

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According to Dawson, these planned changes will make her faster, but she will no longer be up in the air as much as she is on live, at least in the version they’re currently experimenting with.

Dawson didn’t provide any more details, such as possible changes to Pharah’s ultimate or primary fire, but he did note that this revamp has been getting positive reviews internally and it would be a little bit away, not arriving until after Season 8.

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