Team Fitzyhere wins $250K Overwatch 2 Twitch Rivals Pride Celebration event: Full results

Brad Norton
Overwatch 2 Twitch Rivals

$250,000 was on the line in the latest Overwatch 2 Twitch Rivals tournament as the platform’s biggest personalities competed on behalf of their selected charities. While it was Team Fitzyhere that won the Championship Bracket, we’ve got you covered with a full rundown on the results.

  • $250,000 prize pool for charity
  • Fitzyhere led his team of OW stars to victory
  • Second Overwatch 2 Beta was in focus

With the second Overwatch 2 Beta now in full swing, a staggering $250,000 tournament marked the biggest event for the sequel thus far. As announced back in June, the latest Twitch Rivals event saw 40 popular streamers and Overwatch pros doing battle for a charitable cause.

Although it was ultimately Team Fitzyhere, featuring five of the biggest Overwatch content creators, that closed out the win, the rest of the field was certainly stacked.

So to catch up on the full tournament, we’ve got you covered here with everything you need to know about the Overwatch 2 Twitch Rivals Pride Celebration event.

$250K Overwatch 2 Twitch Rivals event: Final Results

1st (Championship Bracket)Team Fitzyhere (Fitzyhere, Emongg, Jay3, KarQ, mL7support)$50,000
2nd (Championship Bracket)Team Eskay (Eskay, Barcode_OW, bogur, Somnus, Warn)$30,000
3rd (Championship Bracket)Team Cuppcaake (Cuppcaake, DanielFenner, Questron, sunshinebread, Yeatie)$20,000
4th (Championship Bracket)Team SaltyPhish (SaltyPhish, Flats, FroggerOW, W_NTED, Weest)$15,000
5th (Consolation Bracket)Team Sleepy (Sleepy, Vox Akuman, Nooonie, SelenTatsuki, surefour)$15,000
6th (Consolation Bracket)Team Fareeha (Fareeha, beaver, EeveeA, OWGrandma, Reimei)$12,000
7th (Consolation Bracket)Team AnneMunition (AnneMunition, adeptthebest, EvilToaster, Somjuu, supertf)$10,000
8th (Consolation Bracket)Team Mendo (Mendo, Buddha, Luddee, Muma, xQc)$8,000

$250K Overwatch 2 Twitch Rivals event: Streams & Schedule

No different from any previous Twitch Rivals event, this $250K Overwatch 2 competition was set streamed live on the official Twitch Rivals channel. Though as always, all 40 players involved were required to broadcast their own POV too, meaning fans could still tune into their favorites directly.

The Pride Celebration event began at 2PM PT on Wednesday, July 12 and rann through until 7PM PT that evening.

$250K Overwatch 2 Twitch Rivals event: Format

Eight teams locked horns in the $250K tournament with all squads earning a chunk of the prize pool for their chosen charity.

First up was the round-robin stage wherein, the field was split into two groups of four. Each team then played a single best of one match against the others in their group on the Control game type.

From there, teams were seeded into the Bracket Stage with the top two from each group advancing to a Championship Bracket while the bottom two moved to a Consolation Bracket.

Matches throughout both brackets were best of three, featuring Push, Hybrid, and Escort game types.

Below is a full breakdown of the $250K prize pool split:

1st (Championship Bracket)$50,000
2nd (Championship Bracket)$30,000
3rd (Championship Bracket)$20,000
4th (Championship Bracket)$15,000
5th (Consolation Bracket)$15,000
6th (Consolation Bracket)$12,000
7th (Consolation Bracket)$10,000
8th (Consolation Bracket)$8,000

$250K Overwatch 2 Twitch Rivals event: Players & Teams

From the biggest Overwatch personalities to Twitch mega-stars like xQc, the field was stacked with top talent and popular figures. Below is a full look at every team that jumped into the $250K tournament.

Team Fitzyhere (Fitzyhere, Emongg, Jay3, KarQ, mL7support)
Team Eskay (Eskay, Barcode_OW, bogur, Somnus, Warn)
Team Cuppcaake (Cuppcaake, DanielFenner, Questron, sunshinebread, Yeatie)
Team SaltyPhish (SaltyPhish, Flats, FroggerOW, W_NTED, Weest)
Team Sleepy (Sleepy, Vox Akuman, Nooonie, SelenTatsuki, surefour)
Team Fareeha (Fareeha, beaver, EeveeA, OWGrandma, Reimei)
Team AnneMunition (AnneMunition, adeptthebest, EvilToaster, Somjuu, supertf)
Team Mendo (Mendo, Buddha, Luddee, Muma, xQc)
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