Overwatch 2 talent concepts would be perfect for old tank heroes

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 is well into production, and one of the elements that makes the new installment unique is the use of “talent concepts” for the game’s heroes. As such, many fans have created mockups of what the talents might be, and some sound like they could be fun to use in-game.

At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard showed off Overwatch 2 with a story mission where players took the roles of either Lucio, Tracer, Mei or Reinhardt. The heroes had the option of upgrading their abilities in the PvE mode, making dealing with waves of enemies much easier.

While many of these talents would be too insane in a multiplayer versus environment, they are bound to make Overwatch 2’s campaign stand out.

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Reddit/cal-nomen-officialWinston could become King Kong with this kit.

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Reddit user “cal-nomen-official” showed off what they thought would be welcome talents for heroes not shown off at BlizzCon in the past, and has taken it upon themselves to tackle more skills for the rest of the tanks in the game.

Some of the neat concepts for everyone’s favorite gorilla scientist, Winston, is to turn his protective barrier into a weapon by making it deal 130 damage in a radius after it explodes.

Another cool upgrade to the barrier includes transforming it into an electric charge. At level 20, according to cal-nomen-official’s design, Electrobarrier would zap enemies caught inside it.

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Reddit/cal-nomen-officialRoadhog? More like Boss Hog.

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Finally, at level 50, Winston’s primary weapon would automatically reload after a final blow and boost its damage by 20%. Against waves of foes, this upgrade could be especially useful.

With Roadhog, cal-nomen-official has some interesting ideas for the junker. One unique concept is that his “Take a Breather” ability would speed up when Hog is at critical health.

Two other dynamic ideas, both unlocked at level 50, would buff his hook and healing ability. “Barbed Chain” would cause the enemy, who is hooked, to damage other opponents they bump into upon being reeled in. “Meat Shield,” meanwhile, would cause Roadhog to take zero damage during Take a Breather.

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Reddit/cal-nomen-officialHammond could be a beast with these talents.

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Moving onto Wrecking Ball, the hamster would be able to use piledriver at any time, regardless of whether he’s in the air or not at level 20. Additionally, with cal-nomen-official’s design, the mech would receive 50 shields for every enemy damaged by piledriver.

Finally, Sigma could steal the show with his prospective kit. “Asteroid” would buff accretion by having it travel in a straight line indefinitely.

Reddit/cal-nomen-officialAll those talents and the guy still can’t afford a pair of shoes.

At level 50, his Kinetic Grasp ability becomes “Black Hole,” and would convert all the damage coming his way in a six meter radius with no limit on the shields he could obtain.

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While Overwatch 2 is still in development and no release date has been hinted at yet, it will be interesting to see what happens with these heroes – and if anything from cal-nomen-official’s ends up in the actual game.