Overwatch 2 support players insist their role isn’t broken

Theo Burman
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Support players have hit back at accusations of their role being broken, but a lot of players aren’t convinced.

When Overwatch 2 first launched, the Support role was in a bit of a weird spot. There was one less player to keep alive, but most players felt that the roster was far less varied and fun to play than both Damage and Tank.

Fast forward one year, and Blizzard has made concentrated efforts to make the role more engaging, and the majority of new hero releases have focused on this role in particular, with the back-to-back launch of Lifeweaver and Illari expanding the roster significantly.

However, this also means there’s a lot more healing in the game. A lot. And with Support in a better place in the current meta, a lot of players, especially frustrated Tanks, have been calling the role “broken”.

Is Support the strongest role in Overwatch 2?

One support player who was desperate to beat the allegations hopped onto the official Overwatch 2 subreddit to make their case.

They said: “I keep hearing that the entire role is busted yet I nearly never see Zen, Lucio, Moira, Mercy, or Brig in my games. Saying these heroes need nerfs is crazy. I understand why some people would like to change annoying aspects of their kit, but balance-wise they’re perfectly fine.

“The supports who actually need big nerfs are Bap and Illari with their insane damage, healing, mobility, survivability, ults, and peel. While Ana and Kiriko could receive adjustments to nade and suzu.

“The reason I’m making this post is because people keep calling for a support passive nerf, but that wouldn’t solve the problem.”

Despite the passionate breakdown, several players disagreed with the sentiment, with one commenter suggesting that the OP’s experience with the strength of support heroes was different because they were playing in different ranks: “I love how depending on platform and rank, you can have an entirely different experience than others.”

Tank players in particular might have some issues with the suggestion that Zenyatta doesn’t need any changes, considering how controversial Discord Orb has been since the change to a 5v5 format.

There was also significant discussion over whether or not Briggite, probably the most controversial support hero in the game’s history, was currently in a balanced position.

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