Lucioball arrives in Overwatch 2 but launches with a massive bug

Patrick Dane
overwatch lucioball

Lucioball has launched in Overwatch 2 as part of the Summer Games event. This is the first time the event has hit the game, however, there is a big bug hampering enjoyment. 

Overwatch’s events have traditionally been a bit of a mixed bag. While most come with some kind of game mode or another to get stuck into, they aren’t generally massive timesinks. 

However, when it comes to these activities, few have been as beloved in the franchise’s history as Lucioball. While it has a very clear inspiration from Rocket League, the game mode is actually a pretty fun distraction in its own right. 

It’s obviously not the mode Overwatch is designed for, but it actually works as a fun, super-charged version of soccer, played out with jump pads, utilizing Lucio’s mobility and boop. It’s why some were genuinely looking forward to the mode’s return in Overwatch 2.

As of yesterday’s mid-season patch, the mode has seen its debut. Players are on the field trying to score past each other. However, there’s something hampering the fun, and it comes in the form of a pretty bad bug in-game.

Lucio players are having trouble hitting the ball

It appears that a nasty bug has hit Lucioball and it is bad enough to be affecting games. It sees the ball become very heavy and hard to move, destroying the momentum that is so key to Lucioball. 

Two clips are trending on the Overwatch Reddit showcasing the bug. It appears it happens when both the player and the ball are on the ground and Lucio tries to boop it. This makes the ball either barely move or stop entirely.

Some players are claiming to be genuinely disappointed that Lucioball has entered into the Overwatch 2 era with such a big bug. One player said, “I wait all year for this mode and it’s woefully disappointing.”

Another asked for a fix saying, “They need to patch this during the event because it’s basically unplayable as it is.”

Hopefully, this issue can get fixed during the Summer Games event and players can get back to the glory days of Lucioball.

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