Overwatch 2 player gets demoted in rank after winning 21 competitive games in a row

Overwatch 2 derank win streakBlizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch 2 player was left absolutely flabbergasted after going on an amazing 21-game win streak only to be deranked.

Overwatch 2’s new competitive ladder system has left a lot to be desired with players placing lower than their skill in OW1 suggests, prompting widespread criticism of the changes.

These ranked woes have even resulted in low-ranked Bronze players ending up in Grand Master Top 500 lobbies in ridiculously unfun stomps.

Now, players seem to have found yet another major flaw with the Competitive system. One ranked competitor claimed that, despite winning 21 games in a row, it had a negative effect and made them derank.

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Overwatch 2 new player changesBlizzard Entertainment
Overwatch players have been frustrated with the new ranked system.

Overwatch 2 player deranks after 21-game winning streak

In a post on Reddit, user ‘Hoex666’ explained that they were having a brutal losing streak a few sessions prior, dropping from Masters 5 to Diamond 3, but that didn’t deter them from grinding.

“Then the next day I won 7 games in a row… I didn’t move ranks… ok? The next day I win all games in a row AGAIN, I stay Diamond 3,” the player explained. “Then TODAY I win all games in a row with just 1 loss in between. I get demoted to Diamond 4?”

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The gamer provided a screenshot of their match history, showing off a series of wins and a single defeat on the Toronto Push map New Queen Street.

While the player wanted answers, their Overwatch 2 fans were unable to make sense of the situation, with many agreeing the ranked system was “broken.”

“I was really hopeful when the game launched that I could somehow reverse engineering how the new system works with enough data. Nope. The more data I get, the less sense anything makes,” one commented.

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So far, Blizzard has yet to address the ongoing ranked shenanigans, but the devs have said they’re monitoring feedback and will make big changes if need be.

Regardless, it remains unknown if they will share some insight or implement improvements before the start of Season 2 on December 6.

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