Overwatch 2 players slam Blizzard for “completely erasing” Orisa’s character

Lauren Bergin
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With the curtains falling on a divisive Overwatch 2 beta, some believe that Orisa’s rework has completely changed the character – and not for the better.

As the sun sets on a rather divisive inaugural Overwatch 2 beta, Blizzard has been sent back to the drawing board with their tail between their legs.

One of the characters that saw significant updates was Orisa, the lovable robotic tank who manages to bring a smile to your face even if your team is getting absolutely obliterated.

For many her changes haven’t exactly been a hit, though, as the Defender of Numbani’s entire character seems to have transformed into something much more aggressive, leading some to believe it would have been better for her if Blizzard had used her rework to create a whole new Overwatch 2 character.

overwatch 2 orisa rework new abilities
Orisa has undergone a complete rework coming into Overwatch 2 – but players aren’t loving it.

Players slam Overwatch 2 Orisa rework

As the dust settles on a turbulent first beta, players have been quick to voice their concerns about Orisa’s new persona on Reddit.

“I think Orisa’s ‘rework’ should’ve been an entirely separate hero,” writes one fan. “Just about the only thing they kept from her original design is her silhouette. They’ve even completely changed her character’s demeanor. Her new lines are so aggressive, when that isn’t what her character is meant to be.

“Her playstyle (and worse, her character) has been completely removed from the game. I think that Orisa’s ‘rework’ would’ve been better as its own separate Hero and allow Orisa to retain her current kit.”

Leaning into the idea that Overwatch’s global roster doesn’t feature a Greek character, they note “a lot of people find the idea of a Greek hero to be an unexplored niche with potential. Having an anachronistic Greek warrior who wields and throws spears with a fierce attitude practically writes itself. They didn’t need to destroy the existing Orisa in order to add this new kit and personality into the game.”

Concluding that the character has been “completely erased,” it’s clear that these new changes haven’t exactly been what fans were hoping for.

“I wonder if she was too strong? Because you’re correct in that she had so many abilities that I’m sure will be repurposed into another hero,” reads one response. “I feel like there is a world where both anchor tank Orisa and javelin tank hero both exist.”

“To be fair, she’s a robot so one would assume highly adaptable,” counters another, with a final comment suggesting “I have a simpler idea and one that fits with a growing child. Efi was young when she made Orisa and this reflects in her personality, but as she got older? She decided Orisa needed an upgrade to stay cool. So she got more mature, a little more aggressive and more weapons. She still protects, but she also is more of a badass who can fight.”

Whether you love or hate her new kit, it looks like this version of Orisa is likely here to stay. Perhaps if Blizzard hear the community’s discontent they’ll consider an all-new Greek hero (we all know Overwatch needs some fresh blood), but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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