Overwatch 2 devs reveal Doomfist and Orisa’s major reworks ahead of beta release

Michael Gwilliam
Doomfist Overwatch 2 rework details

Doomfist and Orisa’s huge new reworks have finally been revealed as the Overwatch 2 beta kicks off next week.

Overwatch 2 is adding one new hero to the mix in Sojourn, but two post-launch heroes from the first game are undergoing massive reworks in the sequel, essentially turning them into completely new characters.

Details about the two heroes’ changes had been leaked prior, but Blizzard has finally delved deeper into how these reworks will pan out in the game’s 5v5 setting.

Here’s how Doomfist and Orisa will play in Overwatch 2 with their new abilities, health and ultimates.

Doomfist as a tank
Doomfist is a tank in Overwatch 2.

Doomfist’s Overwatch 2 rework revealed

As previously revealed, the Nigerian Talon threat has been morphed from a DPS hero into a tank with 450 HP.

While his Uppercut has been removed, he now has a brand new ability that allows him to use his gauntlet more defensively: Power Block. With it, he can protect himself from frontal attacks and uses the damage to charge his updated Rocket Punch.

Speaking of, Rocket Punch now deals a bit less damage, but it will take far less time to charge. That lowered damage shouldn’t be an issue, however, if players can use Power Block to power it up.

“Power Block feels kind of like Zarya when people shoot into her shields, but instead of passively gaining damage, his next punch will get a buff that lasts until he either uses Rocket Punch or is eliminated,” Lead Hero Designer Geoff Goodman said. “When you block a hard-hitting attack, you get powered up instantly. It almost feels like a parry.”

His Seismic Slam has also been upgraded to behave more like Winston’s jump and will slow targets he connects with.

Finally, Meteor Strike will now add a slow to enemies he connects with while lowering its outer ring damage. To compensate, its cast time has been reduced to 0.5 seconds.

orisa halt emote
Halt is no longer an ability in Overwatch 2!

Orisa’s Overwatch 2 rework revealed

Unlike Doomfist, Orisa isn’t changing roles, but several of her abilities have been removed, so say adios to Protective Barrier, Halt and Supercharger.

In their place, she now has an Energy Javelin that will knock enemies back against a wall if she connects with them.

She also has a new ability called Javelin Spin where she can destroy incoming projectiles, hit foes and increase her movement speed – a big buff to the slower-paced OW1 version of Orisa.

Her Fusion Driver has been changed too, firing large projectiles that shrink down. It will now also use a “heat” mechanic instead of traditional ammo.

Fortify will now grant 125 temporary health and will reduce the heat from her Fusion Drive primary fire by 50% when it’s active.

Last, but not least, her new ultimate, Terra Surge, anchors enemies down while she gains the effects of Fortify.

It will be fun to see how each hero plays out and we won’t have long to wait with the Overwatch 2 beta going live on April 26, so be sure to sign up for your chance to play.

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