Overwatch 2 players shocked by simple feature that prevents “camouflaged” enemies

Andrew Highton
mercy in overwatch 2

To the surprise of many, an Overwatch 2 feature has left players gobsmacked as the secret setting makes it much easier to spot enemy players during a game.

Even though Overwatch 2 has now out for months, and the franchise as a whole has been around since 2016, players are always finding new ways to play. Recently, a method was found to make Soldier 76’s ultimate more powerful. Not only that, but a sneaky little hitbox trick also recently wowed players with its possibilities.

The developments and discoveries keep coming after a helpful visual feature was outed by players. In an Overwatch 2 subreddit post, players were astounded when they learned of a way to make opponents easier to detect during fast-paced games of the first-person shooter.

Simple Overwatch 2 trick makes enemies easier to spot

Reddit user zarif2003 recently took to the forum to seek guidance over an Overwatch 2 gameplay snippet. “Either I’m as blind as a bat or that skin just completely camouflaged Ana from the whole team,” they declared.

In the footage, we saw that an enemy Ana was hiding in a corner, and took the player’s team completely off-guard due to how well she blended into the background.

However, instead of discourse about how skins can camouflage perfectly with level texture colors, another user’s comment ended up taking the post in a different direction.

“And that’s why you turn the enemy outline to always on. I’m surprised how many people didn’t know this, playing without it is basically a handicap,” user Working-Telephone-45 said.

This turned out to be a bombshell statement for many players on the thread. “What the hell!? I’ve been playing since OW1 and didn’t know that lol,” said one player. Another commenter added: “Wow. Been playing since OW1 and am currently Masters 3. Never knew this was a thing.”

Additionally, it seems like hiding in open sight is a tactic employed by various players too: “There’s a fun thing I like to do in PvP games. Has maybe a 35% success rate which is kind of absurdly high for what it is. Hold very still. You’d be shocked at how often people won’t notice you just chilling in a corner,” commented one user.

Again, it seems that no matter how much you think you know about something, there’s always more knowledge to be absorbed. For instance, the best Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 are always changing, as well as the DPS meta too.

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